Monday, March 11, 2013

Chowfather Madness 2013!! Round One


After a year hiatus, Chowfather Madness is back with a capital B baby!!!!  The sixty-four best restaurants in Miami have been seeded and placed into brackets a la the NCAA Hoops tournament.
I've removed the seedings in order to prevent any bias from me.

This is the people's choice for Best Restaurant in Miami.

The sixty four restaurants will be cut to thirty two following the first round.  Round two winners will advance to the sweet sixteen followed by the elite eight, final four and then the championship.

Please vote for your favorites and have fun!!

                                          ROUND ONE 


Josh's deli       69%
The Bazaar     31%
Pubbelly         54%
Sugarcane      46 %
Yakko-San     50%
Nobu              50%

Sushi Deli        78%
Pubbelly Sushi 22%
Lucali                 68%
Harry's Pizzeria  32%

Panya Thai                54%
Khong River House  46%

My Ceviche              54%
Philip Ho                  46%
Makoto                   86%
Toscano Divino      14%

Bourbon Steak      86%
Route 9                 14%

Blue Collar           64%
The Federal          36%
Juvia                    55%
Milos                   45%

Momi Ramen       80%
Swine Southern   20%

Edge Steak          59%
Haven                  41%
River Oyster Bar   71%
Altamare               29%

Zuma                    68%
Azul                     32%
The Dutch            59%
1500 degrees        41%

Polls will remain open until Tuesday night at 11.  Round two will start Tuesday night.

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