Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tiers of Excellence - Final Rankings for 2011

2011 is quickly coming to an end and I'm looking forward to even better food year in 2012.  My final tiers of excellence for 2011 are:


The following tiers feature the best restaurants in Miami.

TIER ONE - The best of the best in Miami and must do's.

Azul - In a league of their own doing creative and cutting edge cuisine.  Chef Huff is a super star and Azul should be at top of all lists.

Bourbon Steak-Much more than a steakhouse. Chef Fenton is the most underrated chef in town. Best service and best wine list around.

Naoe- Great daily changing bento box followed by mind and wallet blowing sushi. 100% omakase so leave your reading glasses at home. Slow pace so leave your watch too. Relocating shortly.


Michy's- The Queen of Miami. Always delivers a great meal.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink-The King of Miami. Great daily specials keep menu "fresh".  Don't miss dessert or Sunday brunch.

Red Light- Tier one caliber food. Slow service and setting only drawback. Go with an open mind and let Kris blow you away.  


Yakko-San- Go with a group and order away.  Look for daily specials, pass on new sushi options.

Makoto- Quality sushi across the board.

Sushi Deli-Special place for sushi fans. Casual place with limited seating plus they close early so check times.

Macaluso's- Best meatballs in Miami and not even close. Fahgettaboudit!!  Everything else is great.


Area 31- Make the effort to go. Chef Reidt has skills.

Tudor House - Pork belly Cuban sandwich and his meatballs are awesome but Chef DeRosa has fine dining skills too.
Sustain- Great affordable wine list and cocktails. Keeping it real.

The Dutch Chef Carmellini is a welcome addition to the South Beach food scene.  Don't miss the lobster roll.

db Bistro Moderne- One word-Boulud

Hakkasan- Weekend dim sum lunch is a must do.


Altamare- Great service and consistently good food. South Beach's finest.

Timo- Diverse menu with something for everyone.

Sra. Martinez- Go early and stay after dinner so you can enjoy their great cocktails.

Chow Down Grill- Chef Josh's specials board is the play. 

NeMesis Urban Bistro-Chef Micah's world travels on full display. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Sugarcane Raw Bar- Deceiving name with ambitious menu that delivers the goods. Lively scene.

TIER OF THEIR OWN (non traditional tier featuring great unique spots)

gastroPod- Miami's best food truck.  Chef Jeremiah is the real deal.

Sakaya Kitchen & Dim ssam a go go truck-Don't be fooled by this fast food-esque place. Addictive food is served.

Crumb on Parchment- Chef Michy's delicious breakfast/lunch only spot in the design district. Don't miss Mrs. Bernstein's cakes.

Kings County Pizza-Best NY slice in Miami. Sicilian and grandma pies even better.  Don't miss the baked ziti.

Shake Shack- That is a tasty burger.

Joe's Stone Crab - Miami institution. Fresh stoney's from Oct. 15- May 15. Save $$ via takeout counter.

Chef Philip Ho - Newly opened spot in Sunny Isles featuring outstanding dim sum from former Setai dumpling chef. Push cart service during lunch daily. May move into tier three next go round.

Harry's Pizza- Chef Schwartz is charring some creatively tasty toppings in his wood burning oven. Cool casual spot in the Design District.

Places that I need to get back to because of new chef- Sushi Samba (Bloise), The Royal (Schwartz/Gorenstein- Raleigh Hotel)

Places that I suspect are tier worthy but I have not tried - Tuyo, Zuma, The Local Craft, Setai, Osterio del Teatro, Edge, 1500 Degrees.

Coming Soon- The Federal, JG Grill (Jean Georges-St. Regis), The Bazaar by Jose Andres (SLS Hotel), Katsuya (SLS Miami)

Places that were tier worthy at one point but have dropped off because I have not been in a long time, Nobu, Bond St, Sardinia, Scarpetta, Blue Door, Casa Tua.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Meals 2011

As I mentioned earlier in the week in my Best Dishes 2011 post, I unfortunately didn't travel to any real food meccas this year unlike the past couple. My Top Meals 2010 list was populated by some national heavyweights such as French Laundry, Michael Mina, Benu and Fig.  The lack of travel did not make things easier for me.  This list contains some awesome meals from outstanding South Florida restaurants and chefs. 

I must admit that ranking these meals was very difficult as all were truly great.  My ranking takes every facet of the meal into consideration.  

Big thanks to all of the chefs, kitchen crews, managers, sommeliers, bartenders, servers and support staff for making 2011 a happy year for my belly!!

Honorable Mentions-

Naoe- Every meal served by Chef Kevin Cory is special and top meal caliber.

Michaels Genuine Food & Drink- Father's Day Brunch- Unranked because it was #1 last year and now a tradition. Food is always fantastic but I get even more enjoyment watching the Chowtwins dominate Hedy's pop tarts and donuts. Highlight of my year.

15. SustainThe "Bubble Dunch" Great food paired with great bubbles from start to finish. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening.

14. The Local Craft Food & Drink - Cobaya Dinner- Chef Cabrera's charcuterie featuring pig head terrine and his cured foie gras and country duck ham dishes really hit a sweet spot. The wine cave was a perfect setting for an "underground" Cobaya Dinner.

13. Makoto - Omakase with Chef Makoto. Arrived solo for a late lunch/early dinner and was the only person in the place. Mano a mano with Makoto and the fish starting flying across the sushi bar. He even gave me a money back guarantee on some offerings. Obviously unnecessary.    

12. Chow Down GrillCobaya Dinner- Chef Joshua Marcus really grasped and embraced the concept of Cobaya. He was aggressive and took a lot of chances that worked well.  Fun time.

11. Bourbon Steak- Montille Burgundy Dinner- Producer Etienne de Montille was in the house for this intimate dinner featuring several outstanding burgundies from the Montille portfolio. The wines were the star of this show but Chef Fenton's food easily matched and surpassed the outstanding juice.

10. Jeffrey Brana- "Kiss My Pork Butt" starring a whole Berkshire pig and his Mangalitsa friend. Chef Brana's mangalitsa belly was my dish of the year.

9. Chef Jeremiah and the gastroPod - Cobaya Jeremiah- Some real treats on this extensive tasting menu from Chef Jeremiah, the King of Cobaya. Plus an off the charts dessert from Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour. (St. Regis)

8. Tudor House - Truffle Tasting Menu- Late entry into the mix but a worthy one. This would have been a great meal sans the truffles.  They made it special and the perfect way to end the food year.

7. Common Threads Dinner at Area 31 with Michael Reidt, Kris Wessel and Sean Brassel. Fantastic meal for an even better cause.  This would be ranked 6 but I already had Reidt's dishes at his Cobaya. Wessel's dish was jaw-droppingly good and #4 overall for 2011. Hey Wessel, I know you have a killer Cobaya in you... Come out and plaayaaaay!!!

6. Area 31- Cobaya Dinner- Two words Foie Fluff!!! Fantastic flavors exhibited by Chef Reidt throughout the meal. Hidden gem.

5. Azul- Cobaya Dinner with Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods- those who were not in attendance may get to catch a glimpse of this fantastic dinner when the show airs this summer. One word- beetzanella!! May have ranked higher if I wasn't on camera and miked the entire meal....

4. Azul- Tasting Menu- In a league of their own. Joel Huff and team are doing creative, cutting edge and really tasty things in that kitchen. The complexity and attention to detail of each dish is astounding. Super special place. This meal featured several of Azul's hits and Chef Huff's killer Bacon Eggs & Toast dish give this a slight nod over the Cobaya dinner. slight!!

3. Jeffrey Brana - The Wagyu Dinner- Chef Brana sucker punched me with a knockout meal from start to finish. Big time Wagyu hits across the board in an intimate setting with a great group of strangers plus RR from Miami Power Rankings.

2. Michy'sCobaya "Sra. Michybaya"- First class meal in every way from my favorite Chef. Chef Bernstein is a consummate pro and it trickles down to the entire team. She's a rock star and she rocked it. My favorite Cobaya to date.

1. Bourbon Steak- Birthday Dinner- Special day, shared with a special person at a place where I always feel welcome. Caviar, stone crabs, foie, Alba white truffles, A3 Wagyu were paired with outstanding wines and coupled with the best service in town.... Insanely good!

Terrific Truffle Tasting @ Tudor House

Tudor House

The Tudor House located in the heart of South Beach on 11th and Collins Avenue has been offering a Truffle Tasting Menu for the past month or so.  Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of this outstanding meal earlier.  They are offering the menu for two more nights and I highly recommend paying a visit if you are a truffle fan.

DeRosa & Iron Chef Zakarian-Tudor House Site

The first bite was a fantastic amuse-bouche which was a dish that Tudor House Iron Chef/Partner, Geoffrey Zakarian served on his way to victory on the most recent Iron Chef America.  Congratulations Iron Chef, allez cuisine!!!  This dish featured an olive oil soaked halibut crudo with a coconut lime foam.  Knockout dish and one that would have made my top dishes 2011 had I waited a day to post it for sure.

The first course was Chef DeRosa's riff on a classic truffle pairing, the deviled egg.  Here, Jamie featured a perfectly cooked sous-vide duck egg that had been stored with some potent truffles that noticeably  permeated the thin duck egg shell.  This provided an awesome aroma and added infused flavor.  The egg was topped with caviar and shaved Alba truffles.  Winner.  

At this point I didn't think the meal could get any better but was wrong.  Jamie hit a real home run with the next course.  It featured a generous portion of extremely flavorful Wagyu which was prepared as a carpaccio.  It was paired with powerfully good Castelvetrano olives, black truffle vinaigrette and topped with shaved truffles.  This was fantastic combination and the best dish of the night.

The last savory course featured a perfectly cooked steamed turbot paired with a bone marrow custard, buttery sea urchin and topped with generously shaved Alba truffles.  I really enjoyed the texture and flavor of the bone marrow custard. My only knock is that the turbot could have been served a tad warmer for my liking. Great dish nonetheless.

Accompanying the turbot dish was another classic pairing, a very comforting black truffle mac n cheese.  Jamie's version was topped with crispy and tasty pieces of pork belly that added great texture and flavor to the dish.  The restaurant started to fill up at this point so I turned off the flash on my camera.  Sorry for the poor quality picture.

 The night ended with a couple of rich warm chocolate beignets.  Jamie also sent out a couple of additional sweet treats to sample, a Catalan cream with wild berry salad and an outrageously good popcorn milkshake paired with a homemade kit kat. A great ending to an outstanding meal.  On a side note, the service was excellent and the pacing of the meal perfect.

If you are unable to make to down to the Tudor House before the tasting menu ends, I would encourage you to make an effort to get down there soon to enjoy what Chef DeRosa and his team are doing on a daily basis.

Tudor House on Urbanspoon

Tudor House
1111 Collins Avenue 
Miami Beach, FL 33139
T 305 534 8455  F 305 534 8435

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Dishes 2011

I initially decided that I wasn't going to write about my favorites dishes of 2011 because I didn't take any real food related trips this year.  My 2010 Best Dishes list was littered with gems from San Francisco, Napa, Charleston and Boston in addition to some great local standouts. But when I started to review my year in food I realized that I ate even better meals this year that featured some mutha fuckin kick ass dishes right here in my own backyard.   

I intended on limiting the ranking to my top 25 but after studying my notes, posts and tweets, I ended up with double that amount.  Thus, I decided to go with 35 again this year. (plus three for good luck...)  Each dish listed was outstanding and brings back really fond memories. Unfortunately a lot of them were on special menus and may not be available at the restaurants on a daily basis.  However, if they are you should order and enjoy them.

There are no repeats from prior lists.  These are dishes that I experienced for the first time in 2011.

As you will see, it was a great year for wagyu, foie and pork belly.

Thank you to all the chefs out there that help make 2011 a great year!!

Drum roll please....

Honorable mention to two great cocktails I had from Bar Lab.  The Bacon and Bourbon, Benton's washed cream soda at Chef Jeremiah's P.I.G. III and their modern old fashioned served at the Common Threads World Event.

And best breakfast/brunch dish goes to the octopus omelette with chorizo- Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

38. Uni okay this was on last years list but it was my first bite of 2011 just past midnight on 1/1/11 paired with Cristal compliments of Chef Corey. Outstanding!!- Naoe

37. Grandma & Sicilian Pies- King's County Pizza

36. Shrimp Po-Boy- Rum Cake Factory

35. African spiced wild boar tenderloin with gumbo braised shank, whipped peanut sauce, caramelized yams, plantain coins, kale- Market 17 (Cobaya Dinner)

34. Duck Ropa Vieja with lake meadows hen egg and parsnip puree- Sustain (Burgundy Dinner)

33. Squab Bao- Chowdown Grill (Cobaya Dinner)

32. Crispy Pig's Head Ballotine with Asian pear, spicy mustard and crostini American Noodle Chef Michael Bloise (currently at Sushi Samba)

31. Egg Yolk Carpaccio with sweet shrimp topped w/ crispy shoestring potatoes- Sra. Martinez

30. Bánh Cuốn - "Oodles of Noodles" - rice crepes, roast pork, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, crispy fried shallots, salty pork terrine, fresh cilantro and mint and Vietnamese fish sauce- Phuc Yea!

29. Crackly Pork Belly & Bacon Brussels Sprouts Riesling Dinner at Blue Piano Chef Cesar Zapata (The Federal- coming soon)

28. Benton's Ham Fried Rice- jasmine rice, scallion, poached egg. Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog & the gastroPod (P.I.G. III)

27. Pork Belly Cuban sandwich- Tudor House

26. Live Scallop topped with caviar and meyer lemon- Bourbon Steak (Montille Burgundy Dinner)

25. Orange Clam - Makoto

24. Osetra Caviar, Stone Crab, Yuzu, Taro- Mound of sweet stone crab meat topped with a generous layer of Osetra caviar and paired with an awesome champagne- Bourbon Steak (birthday tasting menu

23. Lamb Belly with Cauliflower - Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog (Cobaya Dinner)

22. Cured Foie Gras Country Duck Ham - frisee, pickled mango, scarlet beet puree, duck fat vinaigrette. The Local (Cobaya Dinner

21. Chawan Mushi Carbonara, custard, dashi broth, bacon served in the shell of the duck egg. Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog (Cobaya Dinner)

 20. Smoked Octopus, cauliflower-vadouvan puree, burnt babbaganoush, crispy cauliflower leaves- Azul (tasting menu and Cobaya Dinner)

19. Parsnip Soup- local royal red shrimp, brown butter, parsley. Bowl licking good- Bourbon Steak (birthday tasting menu)

18. Carnaroli Risotto, Basil Snails, 63 degree Organic Egg, Chantrerelles, Nasturtiums on an aromatic "forest floor" - Azul (Cobaya Dinner)

17. Imperial Farms Wagyu New York strip "A3", chestnut potato puree, brussels sprouts, charred onion, red sorrel- Bourbon Steak (birthday tasting menu)

16. Alba White Truffle Risotto- Perfectly cooked Japanese rice topped with first of the season Alba whites- Bourbon Steak (birthday tasting menu)
15.  Diver Scallop, crab, farro, chorizo, English peas, coconut broth - Area 31 (Cobaya Dinner)

14. Wagyu Picanha (Sirloin Cap), blistered tomato, salsa criolla. Chef Jeffrey Brana (wagyu tasting)

13.  Beef Duo "72"  Snake River Farms A9 wagyu strip, 72hr. wagyu short rib, marble patatas bravas, parsley root, Castello Vetrano olive. Wagyu was awesome but the mini potatoes bumped this dish up the list.  Azul (Cobaya Dinner)

12. Oyster Chawan Mushi with Scallop and Uni Ceviche- Custard steamed in oyster shell topped with mushroom and green onions. Paired with a poached scallop topped with uni. Chef Michelle Bernstein (Cobaya Dinner)

11. Pistachio Sponge Cake, Lemon Cremeux, Green Apple Sorbet, Greek Yogurt- I'm a non dessert fan and look where this landed in a sea of wagyu, pork belly and foie. Enough said. This Star Chef has mad skills.  Chef Antonio Bachour (St. Regis) (Cobaya Jeremiah)

10. Chupe de Mariscos with Squid Ink Croquetas. Sous vide cooked shrimp, paiche, mussels, purple potatoes and a fried quail egg paired with a killer broth were great but the black squid ink risotto croquetas stole the show and are the reason for the top ten ranking. Chef Michelle Bernstein (Cobaya Dinner)

9. Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras- matsutake consomme, breakfast radish, shiso leaf. Bourbon Steak (birthday tasting menu)

8. Foie Gras Fluff- smoked peach puree, crispy basil sponge, pineapple, tamarind gastrique- Area 31 (Cobaya Dinner and Common Threads Dinner)

7. Wagyu Ribeye featuring potatoes cooked in beef tallow, butter poached breakfast radish, braised lettuce, bordelaise. Chef Jeffrey Brana (wagyu tasting)

6. Whole Roasted Foie Gras- with garden vegetables and carrot-orange sauce. Chef Michelle Bernstein (Cobaya Dinner)

5. Robata Grilled Pork Belly- with red miso aioli, king crab, liquid gel pickled ginger, served on a shiso leaf - Azul (Common Threads World Festival) 

4. Sour Orange-Lychee "fire glazed" Florida Pompano, calabaza hash, agua de coco callaloo- Most flavorful fish dish I've ever had period. Explosive!  Kris Wessel/Red Light (Common Threads Dinner) 

3. Beetzanella- Beet salad with 32 Components, Wisconsin Bleu Panna Cotta,
Brioche, Gorgonzola Snow - Azul (Cobaya Dinner)

2. Bacon Eggs & Toast- 12 hour suckling pig, tempura duck egg, bacon air, black truffle pomme puree, and pork jus- Azul (tasting menu)

1. The Mangalitsa Belly- Prepared sous vide with saikyo miso, heart of Chinese cabbage, chives, turnips, and ginger oil. Melt in your mouth pork belly coupled with amazing flavor and texture- Chef Jeffrey Brana

Monday, December 26, 2011

Twitter Killed the Blog Part II

As some of you may recall, I posted back in March about how Twitter killed the blog. Well that may have been a slight exaggeration although I do post less quick hit type reviews on the blog primarily because I've probably already said it on the twitter.  Anyway, I decided to post my food related tweets for the past few months here for all my non twitter followers and as a year in review type post so that all my tweets can be found in one place.


3.10- Holy shit that was good- shrimp po-boy from The Rumcake (163rd nmb) Jambalaya on Fri I'll be back tomorrow... Good call Lee

3.13- 45 minute wait post reservation time at Meat Market food mediocre

3.15- Just got home and chowtwins are waiting yelling "food trucks, food trucks, we want Daddy food"

3.31- FYI tomorrow is day. If he sees his shadow he will only eat 30 burgers during burger month. No shadow carte blanche

4.2- Just picked up my final four feast, nasu buta, takoyaki, spicy manila clams, yamasen & black pork sausage

4.3- Killer brunch as usual lamb hash, bone marrow, crispy rice cake, bfast pizza & here come the donuts

4.15- Wow at burgundy wine dinner and Chef Gabe brought his A+++ game.

4.16- Mangalitsa skinnnnn

4.16- Awesome Berkshire pork belly

4.16- Frank and beans!!!!

4.16- HOLY SHIT mangalitsa belly insane

4.17- Another really enjoyable meal from start to finish courtesy of & his Berkshire/mangalitsa friends

4.18- I've tried a lot of pork belly @ a lot of places & the mangalitsa belly w/miso chef Brana served on Sat. night was the best

4.22- Yet another great meal tonight. Big props to Lisa and Monique for top notch service and cocktails

5.5- I've watched every episode of Top Chef & Top Chef Masters. That streak will come to an end next week. This Masters is unwatchable.DVR cncld

5.8- Day 6- No Pork Belly. 2011 record

5.14- picking up last stone crabs of the season @ Catain Jims

5.15- Mo' Better Burger from is easily one of Miami's best burgers

5.17- Cobaya is on!!!!!!

5.17- Awesome start to Cobaya First course: Oyster Chawanmushi, Scallop and Uni Ceviche

5.17- WOW!!!! RT second course: Foie Gras, farm fresh vegetables, carrot jus

5.17- Dr. Martinez & the Botox steak... Love it is fuckin killing Cobaya

5.17- What's not going unnoticed tonight at cobaya is the awesome service and wine pairing. First class

5.28- Just 8 all spcls all vg ribs stole show RT 2nite smkd pork ribs/Bbq brisket,Pork dumplings,beef cheek bao&roast pork eggroll

5.28- Big thumbs up for the Marc Cuban Cowboy from

5.29- Intended on taking kids to Racks for pizza but made last minute change to Bertoni's. BUST!! Pizza blows

5.30- Chow Twins loving ChowP refusing to share her goat cheese quiche. Not even a bite!!

6.4- Enjoying the red curry mussels from lil chowfather likes the limeade they are at melting pot north Miami

6.5- My pork belly fast ended on Day 34 b/c of 's irresistible pork belly w pork jowl tortellini. Mixed in bibb lettuce salad

6.5- Great meal last night Bibb salad, creamy polenta, duck confit, gnochetti w/pea puree, pork belly w/ pork jowl tortellini

6.13- Chef Reidt (area 31) knows flavors. Flounder w Maine lobster asparagus vanilla turnips another winner

6.13- Cobaya Area 31 is on. Chef Reidt's foie gras "fluff" is awesome. Great flavors

6.14- Great job by Chef Reidt and crew @ Area 31delivering an enjoyable Cobaya. Impressive combinations of flavors & textures in each dish

6.15- Went one on one w/ and he crushed me. Great stuff today. Staff "you got lucky chef prepared all your sushi"

6.17- Spinach butter is buttaaaa 1st time trying their yakiniku don,winner Has anyone tried every dish on menu?perhaps ?

6.18- NY Style Pizza fans, stumbled on a winner. New spot,Kings County Pizza (dixie hwy NMB) owner worked @ Umberto's(new hyde park) Grandma pie 2

6.18- Just left high end (& way overpriced) Italian restaurant in Boca where waiter thought it was funny to tell fart jokes to table

6.19- Octopus omelete w/ chorizo HELLO!!! pastrami hash & sonny rollins too. Kids giddy for pop tarts & doughnuts

6.19- Wow!! That octopus omelette w/ chorizo was even better than it sounded

6.23- Great shrimp po-boys @ RumCake Factory

6.23- Kings County Pizza is legit. Crisp crust,nice chewy dough,perfect sauce to cheese ratio. Sauce is more spice than sweet if that matters 2u

6.27- Hanging in the atrium and having coffee and a pastry (oatmeal for me..) kicks Starbucks ass

6.28- As expected, the shrimp ceviche w tostones from the mobile was great

6.28- Thumbs up for 's sous vide salmon w pickled corn & pepper relish watermelon salad next up

6.28- Perfect summer food truck fare thanks to sous vide salmon & watermelon salad nice light treats

7.3- Nice dinner @ Wheatleigh (lenox) Even better wines. Cpagne, gcru chablis Fevre, vosne romanee Girardin & sauternes

7.8- I don't care what the defensive haters in South Florida say, NY pizza blows South Florida away

7.9- Who needs Eataly when Mom's making meatballs,eggplant parm,lasagna,vermicelli w zucchini,garlic/olive oil & Dad grilling sausage/peppers

7.13- Finally found a water I like & can drink frequently . Yes Fiji is good too but pricey

7.13- Walking into always puts a big smile on my face. Been too long. ChowP's first visit

7.14- Another outstanding meal started to fade at 2 hour mark/1 round of sushi in."lasted longer than u shopping"

7.16- Gotta love being able to hit for lunch. Shrimp/unagi batterra on its way

7.17- No burger streak ended on day 30 w/great burger nice patty, great bun & bacon.Fries great too. Burger Bash'12?

7.18- Cobaya Market 17 is in full effect. came to play next up kangaroo, wild boar, pheasant & bison

7.19- Looking forward to the dinner tonight @ Area 31 w/ Reidt, Wessel & Brasel in the kitchen

7.19- Wow!!! Wessel just killed it with his fire glazed pompano & calabaza hash

7.19- Chef Reidt's sous vide duck breast & pork belly was awesome again a laCobaya. So was the fluff

7.19- Chef Brasel's wild sockeye salmon 2 ways w truffle tiradito was legit too

7.23- Just killed some awesome BBQ shrimp been way too long

7.23- Nice1-2 punch 2night bbq shrimp&crawfish stuffed poblano &perfect dessert Burg&roastd figs w goatc & duckprosciut

7.28- The influx of burger joints in South Florida has ruined my love for them. Shark has been jumped

7.28- Killer dish-crackly pork belly&bacon Brussels sprouts

7.30- SoFla Pizza fans you have to check out Kings County Pizza(NM)NY style pie great.Grandma/Sicilian better, baked ziti best in town wings 2

7.30- The sauce Kings County uses for the side pasta dishes that come with entrees is the best sauce I've had down here.small pizzeria doing >rest

7.30- Fantastic first meal Top Chef Micah Edelstein's new restaurant in Miami. Check it out

8.1- ahhh McDonald's spice, 30 cheeseburgers and a large coke for $35.00 woo hoo

8.2- Kids calling bread vanilla bread and ham pink turkey. Oy

8.3- mmmm the hot one w/sun sauce from @ Here Comes the Sun

8.4- First time trying the beef curry stew @ Sushi Deli & it's a winner. Props to for the tip. oh & it's $4.95 hahaha

8.5- Losing 2 of my favorite guinea pigs & (ok 1 ha) good luck with the move. hope u plan return visits around

8.5- Spice this! RT 2night ,cheap date 3crse $29 golden crab cocnut bisque,sour orange snapper & mango krisp flan

8.5- Getting Spicey with it nice first meal. Would be 3.5 stars if I had hot waitress for sure...

8.7- Must do Miami Spice- dim sum lunch @ Hakkasan great food and great deal. Forgot how good their dumplings are

8.7- As good as Hakkasan is I have little desire to venture back to Fontainbleau & deal with the tourist crowds and parking situation

8.7- Looking forward to first visit to tonight

8.7- Didn't think a bad porterhouse existed but STK delivered one. Disappointing. Cool place though

8.8- Second visit to for lunch spice great again. The pork belly Cuban Sandwich is awesome

8.8- Parties over, going into the "food cave" Paleo starts tomorrow via Primal Plan

8.12- There were 2 reasons I enjoyed going 2 Blue Piano & her wine & ' food. That place is dead to me. CYA

8.17- Wonder how much $$ Prime 112 made off of Nevin Shapiro.

8.18- Bullshit was thre no offer/sign of deal RT .'s unlimited glasses of red/white vino and Champagne from 6-11p for $25

8.19- Agree.Type of place Miami needs more of RT Very good things going on at - really nice first dinner there tonight.

8.20- someone should starts a "food" truck that has no kitchen. just air conditioned seating at these truck events. $5 cover charge

8.20- no expert but I get my fix at Pho 78. May want to check out Basilic in Pompano

8.20- Watching the lil ones make and destroy their own sundays is priceless

8.21- if 'cane can I evacuate to the B Steak wine Cellar on Thursday? Just me and my Amex

8.23- Cobaya mutha fuckin Yakko San is ON!!!!!

8.23- tile fish honey mustard miso is a winner

8.24- Good beer, food & company beer dinner w &

8.25- Orders in- uptown gumbo, BBQ shrimp and fish creole w/ grits plus drinking an Abita.

8.26- Doesn't having 60 food trucks in the same spot defeat the purpose of the APP? spread out!!!!!!!!

8.28- enjoyed 1st meal from @ Copper Chimney (Sunny Isle) tried bunch of things, favorite was Jhinga Masaledar & jeera rice thx for all the tips

8.28- Chowtwins big fans of the French toast sticks + CF jr almost ate entire burger. Only one bite for me

8.30- Cannoli bar? I'll settle 4 Zeppoles RT I'm playing around with desserts for . they taste deeelicious. Sweet.

8.30- Just destroyed a tasting of smoked salmon/sturgeon/sable from favorites Western Nova, Sturgeon, Gravlax & NZ King. Thx ChowP

9.1- Is the pop up a segue into a mobile??

9.2- That gumbo was great RT Thank you for stopping by..Enjoy!!

9.3- Cause Lois Laine needs her $10 RT Why not just retweet post instead of acting like it's your own story?

9.3- editor of year RT Another outstndng job repeating practically verbatim what rcntly appeared in another pub

9.9- Great food & Great time tonight. Congrats guys

9.10- Chef Pous nailed the foie last night plus great table on beach

9.18- Did at Aventura mall close?

9.18- I'd go with Mamma Michy's RT Zach's Pizzeria has a nice ring to it. Congrats to and Senor Martinez.

9.18- CobayaJeremiah is on!!!!!!

9.18- Ok we have a holy shit delicious moment 's "duck egg carbonara"

9.19- Food fans- looks like very interesting stuff going on over @ Azul check out Sous Chef Kilgore's blog.

9.23- Zeppoles!!! RT Excited for today's 's staff tasting. Zeppoles, Chocolate Panna Cotta and Biscotti

9.24- Great recap as usual.lamb belly& chawanmushi my fav2 RT A recap of our dinner w -

9.25- Are people really excited about Pubbelly Sushi.

9.26- fyi I called P Ho on Sat and was told that they were serving dim sum all day 
9.27- FINALLY watched Big Night. Enjoyable movie for food fans. Any other food movie recs? Ramen Girl worth watching?

9.28- Saw a sign on my way into SBucks for new "banh mi" @ mama fu's. B line of course. Mmmmm this really sucks

9.29-Special things going on over & Azul. Wonderful tasting menu tonight thanks to Chef Huff & crew. Get a glimpse

9.30- Word! Same w sauce/cheese pizza ratio RT It's amazing how many restaurants don't understand the importance of Bun to Burger Ratio

9.30- Craving more of last nights awesome meal 's Azul. 8 great courses chef trained under Andres @ minibar &was CDC @ Saam The Bazaar

10.1- Getting ready to devour sum Ho's in Sunny Isle

10.1- Great 1st visit to Philip Ho in Sunny Isle. Legit dim sum w/ push carts. Best Ho in town!!!!

10.1- Isn't there an App 4 that? RT The Rolling Stove truck has been stolen. This is not a joke. Please keep your eyes peeled for it

10.3- 6- # of months McInnis lasts at Yardbird, 10- # of Yardbirds they open over next two years,15- # of yelpers who wet themselves 2nght

10.6- The duck fat fries The fries are legit too RT where can I find the best fries in miami?

10.7- Make sure u buy some popcorn 4 ur vagina RT Won husband of year tonight.. going to a movie w Nanc, instead of watching game

10.9- Very nice brunch Duck confit hash, hen of woods lake meadow farms duck egg. Winner hmade pretzel great2 

10.10- so it's ending just as it cools down? RT Don't miss the last Intracoastal Mall Food Truck Frenzy of the year! Oct. 19th!

10.11- What? Pizza is sauce+cheese+dough RT "Pizza is a sandwich. It’s bread, sauce, meat, and you bake it. There’s no difference!"

10.11- better than another steak or burger joint though RT Like a hole in the head: Another Italian restaurant coming to SoBe @ Delano

10.11- I go RT Taking noms 4 hottest Miami area cocktail bars 4 Eater Heat Map cocktail ed

10.11- and add and RT Taking noms for hottest Miami area cocktail bars 4 Eater Heat Map cocktail edition...

10.11- question for bar/restaurant owners. If your bar menu says $14 for say Angel's Envy and I order neat, what is my bill?

10.12- sweet!!! Chowtwins love the SK RT New Kids Menu at the restaurant 

10.13- Kings County Pizza is the best. Great NY style, Grandma and Sicilian Baked Ziti and wings great too

10.14- New global cuisine spot Rouge is open. Next to Racks. Menu is attached and expanding soon 

10.14- Chef is Michael Korchmar(blt stk) RT New global cuisne spot Rouge is open.Next 2 Racks Menu is attached & expanding sn 

10.16- How can a pizza place be closed on Sundays?  

10.16- Awesome seeing so many little kids chowing down on dim sum w/ their fams @ chef Philip ho (sunny isles)

10.17- From RT dinner & a glass of red @ Carpaccio tonight.What do you suggest we order? 

10.19- Barceloneta. It’s here. Spanish tapas from the Pubbelly guys. menu attached via  

10.19- Good to hear RT strikes again! Barceloneta was fantastic.

10.20- 5 tables,no menus all pastas housemade/fresh, pizzas coming out of the wood burning oven looked awesome Cafe Le Buca (pompano)  

10.21- U have to love the Asian Sensations along Collins or close by & @ Chef Phillip Ho

10.22- ChowP taking me to sprise dinner 2night Gave 5 spots plus wildcard. she hasn't cracked yet.Azul, BourbonS, Michy's, MGFD, NAOE & Palm d'Or

10.22- Hoping Jeffrey is Brana.. RT Testing 4 our new menu @ about 2B born Jeffrey cooked Grouper Sous Vide/55C for 20 minutes

10.22- That is GREAT news. Can't wait RT Yes. JB. Pastry Chef Max Santiago is on board too. Happy about both. Very

10.22- Very excited for special tasting dinner "curated" by ChowP  

10.22- First up stonecrab topped w caviar paired w fantastic champagne. Three of my favorites. Ok last tweet til I'm done 

10.22- Ok i lied need to tweet again. possible dish of year & Justin's Barollo is awesome pairing 

10.23- Meal of year caliber dinner last night thnx to chef Fenton & crew paired w/ some fantastic pours from  

10.23- First dim sum visit for Chowtwins today. All they wanted was the cheeseburger cart...not quite ready 4 DS.they liked the "donut" buns though

10.26- Miami is no Longer dry cause we've got via (Thursday) Big props to aka Mr.Bourbon  

10.26- Enjoying first visit to totten inlet oyster sashimi hit the spot paiche robata & porkbelly & clam roll next

10.26- Feeling like a pubbelly crawl night...

10.26- The only problem with the crawl not enough distance to actually walk off the food...

10.26- Orders in escargot, rabbit sausage & garlic butter and octopus, fingerling potato foam, chorizo..

10.28- Wow! The BEST thin slice pizza in Florida @ cafe la buca (pompano) great dough, sauce, cheese 

10.28- Meant best thin crust... Gnocchi is great too. Love their sauce @ Cafe la Bucca 

10.29- another screw up by Miami RT Love the idea of food trucks @ stadium Seven outside Coliseum for USC game 

10.30- When did Scorch close? just pulled in and it's closed. Slice pizza coming soon. Shoot need plan b

10.30- Plan b - Bulldog BBQ. Brisket hit the spot. Had a few bites of the morning glory burger. Ehh. Burgers continue to be pedestrian.

11.1- a real trendsetter RT Chef Allen Susser's Burger Bar opening this month in PB Gardens

11.1- Miami Prime closed. Not surprised with Duffys down the block

11.3- Loathe seeing a chef pick a wedgie from their Arse while I'm eating

11.4- Finally "breaking burger" with  

11.5- someone left a comment on my bog indicating that Goyo El Pollo opened on South Beach. if they are related to 1 in Hwood try their ceviche

11.5- Every time I see Hogzilla BBQ I think of chef &  

11.6- Looking forward to a great week of drink and eats via Burgundy Dinner tonight & a on Thursday

11.6- Doing an doubleheader today. Brunch & Burgundy  

11.6- Big thumbs up for the Butcher's Board porchetta di testa a real treat

11.7- dish of the night & gr8 wines RT 2nd course duck ropa vieja with lake meadows hen egg and parsnip puree 

11.7- Piggie Smalls RT P.I.G 3 - coming soon

11.7- oh I want that brisket RT Woah din din ding dong! New meat notes tonite! house smoked brisket housemade honey mustard, 16

11.9- finger puss? RT BTW there is chorizo, manchego, finger, puss, parsley. It rocks.

11.10- All aboard the Local #20 . In a kick ass wine cave w chef Cabrera. It's on!!!!

11.11- Another great in books thx 2 chef & crew 1st up some kick ass charcuterie 

11.11- Wow. Panther coffee has some competition with Alaska Coffee Roasting Co Cold brew & wood fired pizzas. 

11.11- Here we go... Coffee is better than Panther. Yeah I said it  

11.11- Curing my post blues with some kick ass escargot and veal kidneys @ gourmet diner  

11.12- Back at Alaska Coffee Roasting (north Miami) the Ethiopian yirgacheffe is fantastic.  

11.12- Egg yolk carpaccio with sweet shrimp topped w/ crispy shoestring potatoes for first time. Won't be the last. Great dish

11.13- I freakin LOVE Matzo Balls

11.13- hmm much better than expected first bagel from Mish Mash bagel in the Waterways (Aventura) A return visit def warranted

11.13- Chef Philip Ho to go is the call for Jets game

11.13- I could eat Philip Ho's steamed scallop & black truffle dumplings all night.

11.15- Wow @ nailed their common threads dishes. Onward...

11.15- Fantastic modern old fashioned from at common threads. Fuck the food

11.15- Good lord Red miso pork belly from chef Huff @ azul is insane just ate 20

11.17- Orders in polenta fries (addictive), caponata, escarole salad, marg pie (chowtwins), oyster mushroom, rock shrimp pies & Hedy's choc chunk

11.17- Oh snap! ChowP just dominated the KIDS chocolate chunk cookies from  

11.18- Fasting has begun in prep 4 Judging the Burgies 2morrow night 22 burgers in 2 hours..who will win??? 

11.19- Salt lick. Last tweet until I get a good burger

11.19- I just ate the worst burger if all time. I need a barf bucket.

11.19- 15 burgers down and I am ILL no Lie

11.19- We have a DQ. Trucker came in w his burgers and a beer for a judge. Trying to bribe LD

11.19- I've never felt worse. Sweating and about to puke. Channel 10 is filming now too. Great

11.19- And wins best truck burger

11.19- And burger beer joint won best restaurant burger. Those were tops on my ballot

11.20- Lobster roll & old fashioned The Dutch 

11.20- Two for two- great lobster roll (loved the bun) & great old fashioned from 's The Dutch.

11.21- Oyster sliders?? RT Attention nice couple about to have sex in our private dining room it's not thaaaat private!!

11.23- Great lunch break with ChowP at the Dutch. Really enjoyed the pappardelle w/ lamb ragu/mint. She loved lobster roll  

11.24- Outstanding turkey from new place in Bay Harbor from Chef Stefani (CasaToscana) and Ines (Ice Box)

11.26- Laying low with some Sushi Deli & sake to go

11.27- Get off your couch.. U don't want 2 miss the Benton Ham Fried Rice w/ poached egg from & the tequila punch  

11.30- Future superstar chef in our backyard. Check out Azul Sous 's blog 

12.2- Duck bao and a little Jay-z/Kanye. Sweet

12.2-Chef wasn't kidding. His meatball is killer
12.3- Hitting tonight. Any must gets??  

12.3- Off to a great start ordered a lot of food

12.4- Cruising the IC. Duffy's bound. J-e-t-s jets jets jets

12.9- Hit my goal of dropping 20 lbs. w/out changing my eating & drinking habits too much. BP back to perfect.Big Props 2 Crossfitnmb  

12.11- Fantastic bubble dunch  

12.11 Great riff on a nicoise - tuna confit, egg, rosemary potatoes & haricovert  

12.11- Home run. Perfectly cooked salmon w/celery root & myer lemon sabayon paired w/ Fleury Cepages Blanc 90 & 04  

12.11- Best dinner I've had last course- braised veal cheeks,carmelized onions, potato purée w/ Gardet Cpagne  

12.11- hat tip to 4 another great wine dinner nice bubbles poured inc 90 & 04 Fleury Cepages Blanc & Gardet BlancdeNoirs

12.13- Great start to Azul.

12.13- Good lord I hate to touch this stunner at azul. Chef huff is on fire  

12.13- Fcuk that tasted even better than it looked

12.13- Not your Moms octopus. Chef huff & crew killing this  

12.14- Thanks 4 joining us RT Cobaya @ Azul curated by chef Joel Huff & team was one of best meals in memory.

12.17- Looking forward to killing some of 's Gumbo & New Orleans BBQ shrimp tonight  

12.17- Great dinner as usual from gumbo, BBQ shrimp, blackberry quail. Plus shrimp sandwich I tried was killer.

12.19- Cocktail fans, do yourself a favor and try the Bootlegger's Run another great drink from  

12.22- Booked RT just a reminder Truffle Tasting Menu ends on the 30th- From your trusty truffle alarm clock :)

12.23- First bagel from new spot in Aventura Decent but on stale side. Need to try a fresh one... No Sage 

12.23- Over/under on the wait at Chef Philip Ho this Sunday??

12.24- just finished first pizza from newly opened in Aventura. OK but nowhere near the hype I read about other locations.
12.25- Chef Philip Ho still jumping