Monday, July 19, 2010

The Chowfather Diet- Day 10/11

Day 10

Lunch- I was on Miami Beach around lunch time so I made a pit stop over at Shake Shack.  I kept it real simple and went with a Shack Burger. No fries, no shakes, no concretes. Just one tasty Shack Burger that hit the spot.

Dinner- I paid another visit to one of favorite restaurants, NAOE (Sunny Isles)  The bento box was outstanding as usual (please don't ask about everything that was in there because I can't recall it all so I won't bother trying)  and the nigiri was even better.  My eight  rounds included salmon, shiraebi (small shrimp) scallop, madai,(a very popular celebratory fish in Japan) aji, geoduck (the giant clam) uni, and unagi plus an amazing California roll (kidding).  NAOE continues to be a special treat and is as good as it gets. 

Day 11

Dunch- I was really looking forward to making another visit to Sugarcane Raw Bar (midtown Miami) with every intention of eating as many dishes as possible.(They feature several great small plate options)  Thus, I decided to go later in the afternoon and combine lunch and dinner. (who needs brunch when you can dunch?) My main target was the bone marrow with veal cheek marmalade. Upon arrival I found a nice seat at the bar and quickly ordered a Sapporo while I perused the menu which I was already familiar with.  My first order consisted of  bone marrow, duck egg with beef tongue and the squid ink fideos. The first dish out of the kitchen was the beef tongue served on country bread and topped with a duck egg. This was an outstanding dish..  Next up was the squid ink fideos.(fideos are very small vermicelli like noodles)  The fideos were topped with three pieces of cuttlefish which I liked but the overall dish didn't work for me. It was easily my least favorite Sugarcane dish. (partly because most are great)

Unfortunately, my bone marrow never arrived. After inquiring, I was informed that they didn't have any.  Disappointing but it opened the door for the beef honeycomb tripe with kimchi and brussel sprouts.  I've had this dish before and it continues to be a great dish. Tripe fans, don't miss this one. Sugarcane continues to be another favorite of mine.

Time for a salad...


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Chowfather Diet Day 8 & 9

Day 8

Lunch: Grabbed a quick slice from Mauro's Pizza (downtown Hollywood). Mauro's is easily one of the best NY Style pizza spots you will find in South Florida.  They also serve huge slices for $2.50.  This place is worth the trip.  The bar next door, PRL has a great beer selection.

Dinner: I stopped off at Tarks (Dania Beach) for some steamed clams and shrimp on the "bar-b".  Unfortunately, I had no room for any clam bellies or gator bites this time.  

Day 9

Lunch: I decided to pay another visit to Chowdown Grill. (Surfside)  The octopus was still on the special board but I opted to try some of the small plate daily specials instead.  First up was an heirloom tomato salad served with pickled radish and pesto.  I followed that with cold sesame noodles served with a very light peanut sauce.  Next was a scallion pancake with hoisin sauce which reminded me of a fresh pretzel.  I finished with a plate of cured salmon.  I enjoyed the freshness and flavors of each dish.
Look out for some duck specials in the near future including duck confit buns.

Dinner: Another great slice, okay two great slices at Mauro's.

Three pounds down.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Chowfather Diet Day 7

Day 7


Work had me in Downtown Miami just before lunch time.  I seriously considered paying a visit to Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Sakaya Kitchen or Sugarcane Raw Bar but I had a busy afternoon and didn't have sufficient time for a sit down lunch.  Thus, I opted to grab a sandwich to go from The Cheese Course. (several in the area)  I opted for the #14 which is Applewood Bacon with goat gouda, tomatoes, avocado, rosemary aioli and greens served on a warm baguette.  Very tasty combination.


I paid a visit to one of my favorite restaurants, Bourbon Steak (Aventura) for dinner.  I started off with an Old Fashioned while snacking on some truffle popcorn.  Chef Fenton sent out a very refreshing halibut cevice to get my taste buds going.  At  that point I was still unsure which route I was going to take, burger or steak.  Chef Fenton mentioned in passing that the American Wagyu flat iron steak was a great steak. Sold.  This was a great cut that was seasoned and cooked perfectly.  It was very tender and full of flavor.  I washed that down with another Old Fashioned, a trio of duck fat fries and some delicious truffled mac & cheese.     

Day 7 was a good one.

p.s.  I think I've actually lost a couple pounds on this diet. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

The 6 day Chowfather Diet

Chow Princess and the Chowbabies are out of town so I figured it was a great time to go on a diet.  If you follow the 6 day Chowfather Diet you are guaranteed to lose zero weight while increasing the size of your smile.

Day 1- Braised Beef Cheeks- Porcini dusted with creamy polenta, forest mushroom rosemary broth and horseradish gremolata @ Lola's on harrison (Hollywood).  The preparation reminded me of their prior short rib dish but the beef cheek was even better.

Day 2- Pre-game cocktails @ Sra. Martinez with Blind Mind. Bacon infused bourbon Manhattan, followed by a Flor de Espana and ending with an outstanding mint julep.  Mix in some crispy artichokes and patatas bravas.

Dinner- a kick butt tripe dish (with fregola? I ate this so fast I have no recollection of  what was on the plate) and beef tongue @ Talula (sobe) while watching Chef Andrea compete on Top Chef. 

Day 3- Lunch @ The gastroPod- Mo Better Bacon Burger (short rib, brisket, sirloin and bacon) Dirty with a poached egg and slaw.  This is THE food truck you want to track down for a great burger.  Wash it down with an old Dirt Dog, smoked beef hot dog, potato bun and slaw. 

Dinner- Churrasco and eggplant parmigiana @ El Tamarindo (Hallandale)  This place serves great food at great prices.

Day 4- Lunch- Outstanding wings @ Rickey's (Hollywood). Trivia, owner is world champ at Ms. Pacman and ex champ at Donkey Kong.

Dinner- Awesome bento box and sushi @ NAOE. Chef has a big slab of  HEAT-ed Kobe ishiyaki ready for Lebron and Wade's visit.  Considering changing name to NAO-Wade!!

Day 5- Lunch- Braised beef sandwich with cilantro, pickled carrot, radish, jalapeno, red onion and pate aioli on a French baguette (think Banh mi)  and squid ink dumplings with shrimp and corn @ Chowdown Grill (Surfisde)  Really enjoyed both dishes. 

Dinner- Return visit to Chowdown Grill in order to take advantage of the octopus special.  Tender octopus with a really nice char paired with a spicy szechuan sauce.  Great dish with a nice kick to it.  

Day 6- Lunch- Sauisson sec with brie cheese, fully loaded @ Le Petit Prince (aka Sandwicherie North, Hollywood Beach)

Dinner- Corner Creek Bourbon on the rocks and Chowbabies last mac n cheese. Oops.

**The 10 day diet will most likely feature stops at Sakaya Kitchen, Bourbon Steak, Yakko-San and Sugarcane Raw Bar.