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Twitter Killed the Blog Part II

As some of you may recall, I posted back in March about how Twitter killed the blog. Well that may have been a slight exaggeration although I do post less quick hit type reviews on the blog primarily because I've probably already said it on the twitter.  Anyway, I decided to post my food related tweets for the past few months here for all my non twitter followers and as a year in review type post so that all my tweets can be found in one place.


3.10- Holy shit that was good- shrimp po-boy from The Rumcake (163rd nmb) Jambalaya on Fri I'll be back tomorrow... Good call Lee

3.13- 45 minute wait post reservation time at Meat Market food mediocre

3.15- Just got home and chowtwins are waiting yelling "food trucks, food trucks, we want Daddy food"

3.31- FYI tomorrow is day. If he sees his shadow he will only eat 30 burgers during burger month. No shadow carte blanche

4.2- Just picked up my final four feast, nasu buta, takoyaki, spicy manila clams, yamasen & black pork sausage

4.3- Killer brunch as usual lamb hash, bone marrow, crispy rice cake, bfast pizza & here come the donuts

4.15- Wow at burgundy wine dinner and Chef Gabe brought his A+++ game.

4.16- Mangalitsa skinnnnn

4.16- Awesome Berkshire pork belly

4.16- Frank and beans!!!!

4.16- HOLY SHIT mangalitsa belly insane

4.17- Another really enjoyable meal from start to finish courtesy of & his Berkshire/mangalitsa friends

4.18- I've tried a lot of pork belly @ a lot of places & the mangalitsa belly w/miso chef Brana served on Sat. night was the best

4.22- Yet another great meal tonight. Big props to Lisa and Monique for top notch service and cocktails

5.5- I've watched every episode of Top Chef & Top Chef Masters. That streak will come to an end next week. This Masters is unwatchable.DVR cncld

5.8- Day 6- No Pork Belly. 2011 record

5.14- picking up last stone crabs of the season @ Catain Jims

5.15- Mo' Better Burger from is easily one of Miami's best burgers

5.17- Cobaya is on!!!!!!

5.17- Awesome start to Cobaya First course: Oyster Chawanmushi, Scallop and Uni Ceviche

5.17- WOW!!!! RT second course: Foie Gras, farm fresh vegetables, carrot jus

5.17- Dr. Martinez & the Botox steak... Love it is fuckin killing Cobaya

5.17- What's not going unnoticed tonight at cobaya is the awesome service and wine pairing. First class

5.28- Just 8 all spcls all vg ribs stole show RT 2nite smkd pork ribs/Bbq brisket,Pork dumplings,beef cheek bao&roast pork eggroll

5.28- Big thumbs up for the Marc Cuban Cowboy from

5.29- Intended on taking kids to Racks for pizza but made last minute change to Bertoni's. BUST!! Pizza blows

5.30- Chow Twins loving ChowP refusing to share her goat cheese quiche. Not even a bite!!

6.4- Enjoying the red curry mussels from lil chowfather likes the limeade they are at melting pot north Miami

6.5- My pork belly fast ended on Day 34 b/c of 's irresistible pork belly w pork jowl tortellini. Mixed in bibb lettuce salad

6.5- Great meal last night Bibb salad, creamy polenta, duck confit, gnochetti w/pea puree, pork belly w/ pork jowl tortellini

6.13- Chef Reidt (area 31) knows flavors. Flounder w Maine lobster asparagus vanilla turnips another winner

6.13- Cobaya Area 31 is on. Chef Reidt's foie gras "fluff" is awesome. Great flavors

6.14- Great job by Chef Reidt and crew @ Area 31delivering an enjoyable Cobaya. Impressive combinations of flavors & textures in each dish

6.15- Went one on one w/ and he crushed me. Great stuff today. Staff "you got lucky chef prepared all your sushi"

6.17- Spinach butter is buttaaaa 1st time trying their yakiniku don,winner Has anyone tried every dish on menu?perhaps ?

6.18- NY Style Pizza fans, stumbled on a winner. New spot,Kings County Pizza (dixie hwy NMB) owner worked @ Umberto's(new hyde park) Grandma pie 2

6.18- Just left high end (& way overpriced) Italian restaurant in Boca where waiter thought it was funny to tell fart jokes to table

6.19- Octopus omelete w/ chorizo HELLO!!! pastrami hash & sonny rollins too. Kids giddy for pop tarts & doughnuts

6.19- Wow!! That octopus omelette w/ chorizo was even better than it sounded

6.23- Great shrimp po-boys @ RumCake Factory

6.23- Kings County Pizza is legit. Crisp crust,nice chewy dough,perfect sauce to cheese ratio. Sauce is more spice than sweet if that matters 2u

6.27- Hanging in the atrium and having coffee and a pastry (oatmeal for me..) kicks Starbucks ass

6.28- As expected, the shrimp ceviche w tostones from the mobile was great

6.28- Thumbs up for 's sous vide salmon w pickled corn & pepper relish watermelon salad next up

6.28- Perfect summer food truck fare thanks to sous vide salmon & watermelon salad nice light treats

7.3- Nice dinner @ Wheatleigh (lenox) Even better wines. Cpagne, gcru chablis Fevre, vosne romanee Girardin & sauternes

7.8- I don't care what the defensive haters in South Florida say, NY pizza blows South Florida away

7.9- Who needs Eataly when Mom's making meatballs,eggplant parm,lasagna,vermicelli w zucchini,garlic/olive oil & Dad grilling sausage/peppers

7.13- Finally found a water I like & can drink frequently . Yes Fiji is good too but pricey

7.13- Walking into always puts a big smile on my face. Been too long. ChowP's first visit

7.14- Another outstanding meal started to fade at 2 hour mark/1 round of sushi in."lasted longer than u shopping"

7.16- Gotta love being able to hit for lunch. Shrimp/unagi batterra on its way

7.17- No burger streak ended on day 30 w/great burger nice patty, great bun & bacon.Fries great too. Burger Bash'12?

7.18- Cobaya Market 17 is in full effect. came to play next up kangaroo, wild boar, pheasant & bison

7.19- Looking forward to the dinner tonight @ Area 31 w/ Reidt, Wessel & Brasel in the kitchen

7.19- Wow!!! Wessel just killed it with his fire glazed pompano & calabaza hash

7.19- Chef Reidt's sous vide duck breast & pork belly was awesome again a laCobaya. So was the fluff

7.19- Chef Brasel's wild sockeye salmon 2 ways w truffle tiradito was legit too

7.23- Just killed some awesome BBQ shrimp been way too long

7.23- Nice1-2 punch 2night bbq shrimp&crawfish stuffed poblano &perfect dessert Burg&roastd figs w goatc & duckprosciut

7.28- The influx of burger joints in South Florida has ruined my love for them. Shark has been jumped

7.28- Killer dish-crackly pork belly&bacon Brussels sprouts

7.30- SoFla Pizza fans you have to check out Kings County Pizza(NM)NY style pie great.Grandma/Sicilian better, baked ziti best in town wings 2

7.30- The sauce Kings County uses for the side pasta dishes that come with entrees is the best sauce I've had down here.small pizzeria doing >rest

7.30- Fantastic first meal Top Chef Micah Edelstein's new restaurant in Miami. Check it out

8.1- ahhh McDonald's spice, 30 cheeseburgers and a large coke for $35.00 woo hoo

8.2- Kids calling bread vanilla bread and ham pink turkey. Oy

8.3- mmmm the hot one w/sun sauce from @ Here Comes the Sun

8.4- First time trying the beef curry stew @ Sushi Deli & it's a winner. Props to for the tip. oh & it's $4.95 hahaha

8.5- Losing 2 of my favorite guinea pigs & (ok 1 ha) good luck with the move. hope u plan return visits around

8.5- Spice this! RT 2night ,cheap date 3crse $29 golden crab cocnut bisque,sour orange snapper & mango krisp flan

8.5- Getting Spicey with it nice first meal. Would be 3.5 stars if I had hot waitress for sure...

8.7- Must do Miami Spice- dim sum lunch @ Hakkasan great food and great deal. Forgot how good their dumplings are

8.7- As good as Hakkasan is I have little desire to venture back to Fontainbleau & deal with the tourist crowds and parking situation

8.7- Looking forward to first visit to tonight

8.7- Didn't think a bad porterhouse existed but STK delivered one. Disappointing. Cool place though

8.8- Second visit to for lunch spice great again. The pork belly Cuban Sandwich is awesome

8.8- Parties over, going into the "food cave" Paleo starts tomorrow via Primal Plan

8.12- There were 2 reasons I enjoyed going 2 Blue Piano & her wine & ' food. That place is dead to me. CYA

8.17- Wonder how much $$ Prime 112 made off of Nevin Shapiro.

8.18- Bullshit was thre no offer/sign of deal RT .'s unlimited glasses of red/white vino and Champagne from 6-11p for $25

8.19- Agree.Type of place Miami needs more of RT Very good things going on at - really nice first dinner there tonight.

8.20- someone should starts a "food" truck that has no kitchen. just air conditioned seating at these truck events. $5 cover charge

8.20- no expert but I get my fix at Pho 78. May want to check out Basilic in Pompano

8.20- Watching the lil ones make and destroy their own sundays is priceless

8.21- if 'cane can I evacuate to the B Steak wine Cellar on Thursday? Just me and my Amex

8.23- Cobaya mutha fuckin Yakko San is ON!!!!!

8.23- tile fish honey mustard miso is a winner

8.24- Good beer, food & company beer dinner w &

8.25- Orders in- uptown gumbo, BBQ shrimp and fish creole w/ grits plus drinking an Abita.

8.26- Doesn't having 60 food trucks in the same spot defeat the purpose of the APP? spread out!!!!!!!!

8.28- enjoyed 1st meal from @ Copper Chimney (Sunny Isle) tried bunch of things, favorite was Jhinga Masaledar & jeera rice thx for all the tips

8.28- Chowtwins big fans of the French toast sticks + CF jr almost ate entire burger. Only one bite for me

8.30- Cannoli bar? I'll settle 4 Zeppoles RT I'm playing around with desserts for . they taste deeelicious. Sweet.

8.30- Just destroyed a tasting of smoked salmon/sturgeon/sable from favorites Western Nova, Sturgeon, Gravlax & NZ King. Thx ChowP

9.1- Is the pop up a segue into a mobile??

9.2- That gumbo was great RT Thank you for stopping by..Enjoy!!

9.3- Cause Lois Laine needs her $10 RT Why not just retweet post instead of acting like it's your own story?

9.3- editor of year RT Another outstndng job repeating practically verbatim what rcntly appeared in another pub

9.9- Great food & Great time tonight. Congrats guys

9.10- Chef Pous nailed the foie last night plus great table on beach

9.18- Did at Aventura mall close?

9.18- I'd go with Mamma Michy's RT Zach's Pizzeria has a nice ring to it. Congrats to and Senor Martinez.

9.18- CobayaJeremiah is on!!!!!!

9.18- Ok we have a holy shit delicious moment 's "duck egg carbonara"

9.19- Food fans- looks like very interesting stuff going on over @ Azul check out Sous Chef Kilgore's blog.

9.23- Zeppoles!!! RT Excited for today's 's staff tasting. Zeppoles, Chocolate Panna Cotta and Biscotti

9.24- Great recap as usual.lamb belly& chawanmushi my fav2 RT A recap of our dinner w -

9.25- Are people really excited about Pubbelly Sushi.

9.26- fyi I called P Ho on Sat and was told that they were serving dim sum all day 
9.27- FINALLY watched Big Night. Enjoyable movie for food fans. Any other food movie recs? Ramen Girl worth watching?

9.28- Saw a sign on my way into SBucks for new "banh mi" @ mama fu's. B line of course. Mmmmm this really sucks

9.29-Special things going on over & Azul. Wonderful tasting menu tonight thanks to Chef Huff & crew. Get a glimpse

9.30- Word! Same w sauce/cheese pizza ratio RT It's amazing how many restaurants don't understand the importance of Bun to Burger Ratio

9.30- Craving more of last nights awesome meal 's Azul. 8 great courses chef trained under Andres @ minibar &was CDC @ Saam The Bazaar

10.1- Getting ready to devour sum Ho's in Sunny Isle

10.1- Great 1st visit to Philip Ho in Sunny Isle. Legit dim sum w/ push carts. Best Ho in town!!!!

10.1- Isn't there an App 4 that? RT The Rolling Stove truck has been stolen. This is not a joke. Please keep your eyes peeled for it

10.3- 6- # of months McInnis lasts at Yardbird, 10- # of Yardbirds they open over next two years,15- # of yelpers who wet themselves 2nght

10.6- The duck fat fries The fries are legit too RT where can I find the best fries in miami?

10.7- Make sure u buy some popcorn 4 ur vagina RT Won husband of year tonight.. going to a movie w Nanc, instead of watching game

10.9- Very nice brunch Duck confit hash, hen of woods lake meadow farms duck egg. Winner hmade pretzel great2 

10.10- so it's ending just as it cools down? RT Don't miss the last Intracoastal Mall Food Truck Frenzy of the year! Oct. 19th!

10.11- What? Pizza is sauce+cheese+dough RT "Pizza is a sandwich. It’s bread, sauce, meat, and you bake it. There’s no difference!"

10.11- better than another steak or burger joint though RT Like a hole in the head: Another Italian restaurant coming to SoBe @ Delano

10.11- I go RT Taking noms 4 hottest Miami area cocktail bars 4 Eater Heat Map cocktail ed

10.11- and add and RT Taking noms for hottest Miami area cocktail bars 4 Eater Heat Map cocktail edition...

10.11- question for bar/restaurant owners. If your bar menu says $14 for say Angel's Envy and I order neat, what is my bill?

10.12- sweet!!! Chowtwins love the SK RT New Kids Menu at the restaurant 

10.13- Kings County Pizza is the best. Great NY style, Grandma and Sicilian Baked Ziti and wings great too

10.14- New global cuisine spot Rouge is open. Next to Racks. Menu is attached and expanding soon 

10.14- Chef is Michael Korchmar(blt stk) RT New global cuisne spot Rouge is open.Next 2 Racks Menu is attached & expanding sn 

10.16- How can a pizza place be closed on Sundays?  

10.16- Awesome seeing so many little kids chowing down on dim sum w/ their fams @ chef Philip ho (sunny isles)

10.17- From RT dinner & a glass of red @ Carpaccio tonight.What do you suggest we order? 

10.19- Barceloneta. It’s here. Spanish tapas from the Pubbelly guys. menu attached via  

10.19- Good to hear RT strikes again! Barceloneta was fantastic.

10.20- 5 tables,no menus all pastas housemade/fresh, pizzas coming out of the wood burning oven looked awesome Cafe Le Buca (pompano)  

10.21- U have to love the Asian Sensations along Collins or close by & @ Chef Phillip Ho

10.22- ChowP taking me to sprise dinner 2night Gave 5 spots plus wildcard. she hasn't cracked yet.Azul, BourbonS, Michy's, MGFD, NAOE & Palm d'Or

10.22- Hoping Jeffrey is Brana.. RT Testing 4 our new menu @ about 2B born Jeffrey cooked Grouper Sous Vide/55C for 20 minutes

10.22- That is GREAT news. Can't wait RT Yes. JB. Pastry Chef Max Santiago is on board too. Happy about both. Very

10.22- Very excited for special tasting dinner "curated" by ChowP  

10.22- First up stonecrab topped w caviar paired w fantastic champagne. Three of my favorites. Ok last tweet til I'm done 

10.22- Ok i lied need to tweet again. possible dish of year & Justin's Barollo is awesome pairing 

10.23- Meal of year caliber dinner last night thnx to chef Fenton & crew paired w/ some fantastic pours from  

10.23- First dim sum visit for Chowtwins today. All they wanted was the cheeseburger cart...not quite ready 4 DS.they liked the "donut" buns though

10.26- Miami is no Longer dry cause we've got via (Thursday) Big props to aka Mr.Bourbon  

10.26- Enjoying first visit to totten inlet oyster sashimi hit the spot paiche robata & porkbelly & clam roll next

10.26- Feeling like a pubbelly crawl night...

10.26- The only problem with the crawl not enough distance to actually walk off the food...

10.26- Orders in escargot, rabbit sausage & garlic butter and octopus, fingerling potato foam, chorizo..

10.28- Wow! The BEST thin slice pizza in Florida @ cafe la buca (pompano) great dough, sauce, cheese 

10.28- Meant best thin crust... Gnocchi is great too. Love their sauce @ Cafe la Bucca 

10.29- another screw up by Miami RT Love the idea of food trucks @ stadium Seven outside Coliseum for USC game 

10.30- When did Scorch close? just pulled in and it's closed. Slice pizza coming soon. Shoot need plan b

10.30- Plan b - Bulldog BBQ. Brisket hit the spot. Had a few bites of the morning glory burger. Ehh. Burgers continue to be pedestrian.

11.1- a real trendsetter RT Chef Allen Susser's Burger Bar opening this month in PB Gardens

11.1- Miami Prime closed. Not surprised with Duffys down the block

11.3- Loathe seeing a chef pick a wedgie from their Arse while I'm eating

11.4- Finally "breaking burger" with  

11.5- someone left a comment on my bog indicating that Goyo El Pollo opened on South Beach. if they are related to 1 in Hwood try their ceviche

11.5- Every time I see Hogzilla BBQ I think of chef &  

11.6- Looking forward to a great week of drink and eats via Burgundy Dinner tonight & a on Thursday

11.6- Doing an doubleheader today. Brunch & Burgundy  

11.6- Big thumbs up for the Butcher's Board porchetta di testa a real treat

11.7- dish of the night & gr8 wines RT 2nd course duck ropa vieja with lake meadows hen egg and parsnip puree 

11.7- Piggie Smalls RT P.I.G 3 - coming soon

11.7- oh I want that brisket RT Woah din din ding dong! New meat notes tonite! house smoked brisket housemade honey mustard, 16

11.9- finger puss? RT BTW there is chorizo, manchego, finger, puss, parsley. It rocks.

11.10- All aboard the Local #20 . In a kick ass wine cave w chef Cabrera. It's on!!!!

11.11- Another great in books thx 2 chef & crew 1st up some kick ass charcuterie 

11.11- Wow. Panther coffee has some competition with Alaska Coffee Roasting Co Cold brew & wood fired pizzas. 

11.11- Here we go... Coffee is better than Panther. Yeah I said it  

11.11- Curing my post blues with some kick ass escargot and veal kidneys @ gourmet diner  

11.12- Back at Alaska Coffee Roasting (north Miami) the Ethiopian yirgacheffe is fantastic.  

11.12- Egg yolk carpaccio with sweet shrimp topped w/ crispy shoestring potatoes for first time. Won't be the last. Great dish

11.13- I freakin LOVE Matzo Balls

11.13- hmm much better than expected first bagel from Mish Mash bagel in the Waterways (Aventura) A return visit def warranted

11.13- Chef Philip Ho to go is the call for Jets game

11.13- I could eat Philip Ho's steamed scallop & black truffle dumplings all night.

11.15- Wow @ nailed their common threads dishes. Onward...

11.15- Fantastic modern old fashioned from at common threads. Fuck the food

11.15- Good lord Red miso pork belly from chef Huff @ azul is insane just ate 20

11.17- Orders in polenta fries (addictive), caponata, escarole salad, marg pie (chowtwins), oyster mushroom, rock shrimp pies & Hedy's choc chunk

11.17- Oh snap! ChowP just dominated the KIDS chocolate chunk cookies from  

11.18- Fasting has begun in prep 4 Judging the Burgies 2morrow night 22 burgers in 2 hours..who will win??? 

11.19- Salt lick. Last tweet until I get a good burger

11.19- I just ate the worst burger if all time. I need a barf bucket.

11.19- 15 burgers down and I am ILL no Lie

11.19- We have a DQ. Trucker came in w his burgers and a beer for a judge. Trying to bribe LD

11.19- I've never felt worse. Sweating and about to puke. Channel 10 is filming now too. Great

11.19- And wins best truck burger

11.19- And burger beer joint won best restaurant burger. Those were tops on my ballot

11.20- Lobster roll & old fashioned The Dutch 

11.20- Two for two- great lobster roll (loved the bun) & great old fashioned from 's The Dutch.

11.21- Oyster sliders?? RT Attention nice couple about to have sex in our private dining room it's not thaaaat private!!

11.23- Great lunch break with ChowP at the Dutch. Really enjoyed the pappardelle w/ lamb ragu/mint. She loved lobster roll  

11.24- Outstanding turkey from new place in Bay Harbor from Chef Stefani (CasaToscana) and Ines (Ice Box)

11.26- Laying low with some Sushi Deli & sake to go

11.27- Get off your couch.. U don't want 2 miss the Benton Ham Fried Rice w/ poached egg from & the tequila punch  

11.30- Future superstar chef in our backyard. Check out Azul Sous 's blog 

12.2- Duck bao and a little Jay-z/Kanye. Sweet

12.2-Chef wasn't kidding. His meatball is killer
12.3- Hitting tonight. Any must gets??  

12.3- Off to a great start ordered a lot of food

12.4- Cruising the IC. Duffy's bound. J-e-t-s jets jets jets

12.9- Hit my goal of dropping 20 lbs. w/out changing my eating & drinking habits too much. BP back to perfect.Big Props 2 Crossfitnmb  

12.11- Fantastic bubble dunch  

12.11 Great riff on a nicoise - tuna confit, egg, rosemary potatoes & haricovert  

12.11- Home run. Perfectly cooked salmon w/celery root & myer lemon sabayon paired w/ Fleury Cepages Blanc 90 & 04  

12.11- Best dinner I've had last course- braised veal cheeks,carmelized onions, potato purée w/ Gardet Cpagne  

12.11- hat tip to 4 another great wine dinner nice bubbles poured inc 90 & 04 Fleury Cepages Blanc & Gardet BlancdeNoirs

12.13- Great start to Azul.

12.13- Good lord I hate to touch this stunner at azul. Chef huff is on fire  

12.13- Fcuk that tasted even better than it looked

12.13- Not your Moms octopus. Chef huff & crew killing this  

12.14- Thanks 4 joining us RT Cobaya @ Azul curated by chef Joel Huff & team was one of best meals in memory.

12.17- Looking forward to killing some of 's Gumbo & New Orleans BBQ shrimp tonight  

12.17- Great dinner as usual from gumbo, BBQ shrimp, blackberry quail. Plus shrimp sandwich I tried was killer.

12.19- Cocktail fans, do yourself a favor and try the Bootlegger's Run another great drink from  

12.22- Booked RT just a reminder Truffle Tasting Menu ends on the 30th- From your trusty truffle alarm clock :)

12.23- First bagel from new spot in Aventura Decent but on stale side. Need to try a fresh one... No Sage 

12.23- Over/under on the wait at Chef Philip Ho this Sunday??

12.24- just finished first pizza from newly opened in Aventura. OK but nowhere near the hype I read about other locations.
12.25- Chef Philip Ho still jumping 


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