Thursday, December 29, 2011

Terrific Truffle Tasting @ Tudor House

Tudor House

The Tudor House located in the heart of South Beach on 11th and Collins Avenue has been offering a Truffle Tasting Menu for the past month or so.  Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of this outstanding meal earlier.  They are offering the menu for two more nights and I highly recommend paying a visit if you are a truffle fan.

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The first bite was a fantastic amuse-bouche which was a dish that Tudor House Iron Chef/Partner, Geoffrey Zakarian served on his way to victory on the most recent Iron Chef America.  Congratulations Iron Chef, allez cuisine!!!  This dish featured an olive oil soaked halibut crudo with a coconut lime foam.  Knockout dish and one that would have made my top dishes 2011 had I waited a day to post it for sure.

The first course was Chef DeRosa's riff on a classic truffle pairing, the deviled egg.  Here, Jamie featured a perfectly cooked sous-vide duck egg that had been stored with some potent truffles that noticeably  permeated the thin duck egg shell.  This provided an awesome aroma and added infused flavor.  The egg was topped with caviar and shaved Alba truffles.  Winner.  

At this point I didn't think the meal could get any better but was wrong.  Jamie hit a real home run with the next course.  It featured a generous portion of extremely flavorful Wagyu which was prepared as a carpaccio.  It was paired with powerfully good Castelvetrano olives, black truffle vinaigrette and topped with shaved truffles.  This was fantastic combination and the best dish of the night.

The last savory course featured a perfectly cooked steamed turbot paired with a bone marrow custard, buttery sea urchin and topped with generously shaved Alba truffles.  I really enjoyed the texture and flavor of the bone marrow custard. My only knock is that the turbot could have been served a tad warmer for my liking. Great dish nonetheless.

Accompanying the turbot dish was another classic pairing, a very comforting black truffle mac n cheese.  Jamie's version was topped with crispy and tasty pieces of pork belly that added great texture and flavor to the dish.  The restaurant started to fill up at this point so I turned off the flash on my camera.  Sorry for the poor quality picture.

 The night ended with a couple of rich warm chocolate beignets.  Jamie also sent out a couple of additional sweet treats to sample, a Catalan cream with wild berry salad and an outrageously good popcorn milkshake paired with a homemade kit kat. A great ending to an outstanding meal.  On a side note, the service was excellent and the pacing of the meal perfect.

If you are unable to make to down to the Tudor House before the tasting menu ends, I would encourage you to make an effort to get down there soon to enjoy what Chef DeRosa and his team are doing on a daily basis.

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