Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinot & Pork @ Edge Steak & Bar 6/26/12

As I previously advised, I highly recommend attending the monthly themed dinners at Edge Steak & Bar. It looks like chef Brooks and King have another winning dinner up their sleeve. These tastings dinners are fantastic and offer great value.



The time has come for another Specialty Dinner Night at Edge, Steak & Bar at the Four Seasons Miami.

The themed dinner, which takes place on the last Tuesday of every month, will be held June 26 at 7p.m. Executive Chef Aaron Brooks will host the feast with restaurant Chef James King to include Elk Cove Pinot Noir paired with succulent pork dishes. “For this menu, we will pair with acclaimed Oregon winery Elk Cove Vineyards and Palmetto Creek Farms to create the menu using a half hog and five different Pinots,” said Chef Brooks.

                                                             The menu follows:

                              Pork Fried Clams with Hot Source Aoili and James’ Pickles
                                                                  Pinot Blanc

                           Cured Pig Face with Royal Red Shrimp, Organic Vegetables mixed with
                                                 Dragon Fruit Mustard and Fragrant Herbs
                                                                   Pinot Gris

                        Grilled House Sausage mixed with Porcini Puree, Drunken Cherries, foie gras                                                               Vinaigrette and Sprouts

                   Milk Braised Shoulder with French Toast drizzled Smoked Maple Syrup,topped with
                                                     Cabbot Cheddar Fondue and Egg
                                                                   Five Mountain

  Whole Hog Porchetta with Grilled Peach and Corn Salad, Sweet Potato and Pulled Pork Fritters,                Fried Collard with BBQ Rib Meat, Sweet Fennel Marmalade and Black Pepper Gravy


            Return of the 555... Smoked Hock Ice Cream, Piggy Granola, Dulce de Leche Fudge Sauce

Dinner is priced at $99 per person (not including tax and gratuity) and will take pace in the Private Dining Rooms of Edge, Steak and Bar.

Edge, Steak & Bar is located at 1435 Brickell Avenue on the 7th floor of Four Seasons Hotel Miami. Reservations required. Telephone: (305) 381-3015;


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Debbie Chalmers said...

The place is great but as a courtesy to other customers / diners, you may need an e-cig filled with aromatic ejuice instead of the cigarette that emits foul smoke. E-cig is acceptable as it only emits smoke without the foul odor. That will make dining for others pleasant without the lost of appetite.

Morgan Hough said...

Good choice for partnering the menu with high quality wines! Wine actually boosts food flavors, even if it's not mixed as an ingredient in the food. That's why most people order steaks and other types of meat with wine to match the sweetness or savory of the dish.

Amelia Brookes said...
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