Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Burger Beast-Chowfather Burger Rankings



I've teamed up with fellow burger lover Burger Beast to provide you with the ultimate ranking of THE best burgers in South Florida.  We've sampled devoured numerous burgers (thousands for the Beast) in order to identify the best of the best in the area.

We ranked our favorite burgers from one to twenty and then combined our score to come up with our rankings.   These are the twenty best burgers in South Florida.  *Highest possible score is 40.  **No food trucks were considered.


                The Shack Burger

1. Shake Shack (40, 2 1st place votes)          

2. Bourbon Steak (35)

4. Tudor House  (30)

7. Blue Collar (24)

T-9. db Bistro Moderne (18)

T-9. Bill's Filling Station (18) 

11. The Dutch (17)

12. Red Light (14)

13. Cheeseburger Baby (13)

T-14. Rok:Brgr (12)

T-14. Georgie's Alibi (12)

16. Edge Steak & Bar (11)

T-18. Whisk Gourmet (9)

T-18. Le Tub (9)

20. Char-Hut (7)

The Beast and I highly recommend all burger fans pay a visit to these establishments.  


Rick said...

Char-Hut makes the list and there's no Gilbert's 17th St. Grill at all? And they're "Burger Beast approved?" How does THAT happen?


The Chowfather said...

I don't know for a fact but I suspect that there are more than 20 Burger Beast approved spots around town.

Anonymous said...

I can't have faith in a list that has Char-Hut and no BurgerFi or Tap42 on it.

The Chowfather said...

BurgerFi just missed the list.

I will admit that Char-Hut has dropped big time for me due to the recent additions around town. Still a good burger

Lesley Abravanel said...

I like this list. I am going to use it and channel my inner Beast and check some out that I have yet to try.

I have to say I loved the awol Burger Fi. Dare I say I loved it more than the restaurant it cloned, Shake Shack? A place, incidentally, that I have always found just good, not great. Maybe it's the lame fries. I dunno.

Last i had Char Hut, not too long ago, was after a harrowing experience at Ikea, where meatballs wouldn't do the trick. It was DIVINE. I'd have to try it again less frazzled and starving to see if it's worthy of the love i gave it that day.

Clarke's has always been my Miami burger standby.

For fancy burgers, I loved db , Michael's and Bourbon.

Used to love Le Tub. Haven't tried it in decades.

Didn't realize Cheeseburger Baby was still opened. Last I had it was delivery and it sucked.

Most looking forward to trying Charm City, Tudor and The Dutch's burgers.

Steve said...

It's hard, and I mean next to impossible, for me to imagine that Shake Shack makes a better burger than Bourbon. I will try it though, out of respect for the chowfather.

Rick said...

Okay, so 8 of these places aren't even Burger Beast approved.. I stand corrected. "Burger Beast approved" apparently doesn't figure in this list of best burgers in SoFla.


The Burger Beast said...

Rick must be a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.

Rick said...

Nice snark, BB. But, then, I'm used to it.

Look, I was trying to make some sense out of something that wasn't making sense to me.

Sorry I asked, guys.


The Chowfather said...

Rick, it's a combined list. Obviously our consensus favorites are ranked at the top. I've had Gilbert's several times and I think it is an awful burger.

Tweet n Delete said...

Conspiracy! Chowfather just made this post to piggyback on Burger Beast's celebrity and secure freebie burgers all over town!

The Chowfather said...

T and D- I'm a vegetarian

The Chowfather said...

T and D- I can;t take credit for the idea. It was all Beast and a good one.

M-dawg said...

I'm sorry, but Gilbert's is not a great burger. They pre-order the black angus beef in a big pre-rolled tube from a place like Sysco. Then they dress it up. I wouldn't be surprised if they were frozen.

Sure, they're big, but nowhere close to addictive.

The best burgers are more often than not hand made and never use frozen meat. Even better is when the chuck is fresh ground.

Pros of Gilbert's is that thy are family owned, and very friendly which outweighs a less than great burger.

Ali said...

Gilbert's orders fresh certified angus beef daily. I love their burger and they use their own signature seasoning. Everything they serve is fresh daily- I should know, I eat there nearly everyday. They even gave me a shaker full of their seasoning, so nice of them. I,especially, love their handcut french fries - great food and family!!!