Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Pizza South Florida

Leaning Tower of Pizza

It's time to update my list of the best pizza in South Florida.
As many of my readers know, I am a huge pizza fan who grew up in NY.  Thus, I love traditional NY style slices.  I'm also a huge fan of the thin pies coming out of the coal and wood fired ovens all over South Florida.

**When I refer to dough, I am talking about the portion under the cheese and sauce. "crust" to me is the edge of the dough that you fold. I believe that is technically referred to as cornicione. I suppose you can simply call the entire dough the crust and the edge the upper crust. Whatever!! I like calling it pizza dough and crust. No idea if that is proper terminology or not but it's always been mine.**

These are the best of the best in South Florida.


Pizzeria Oceano

Pizzeria Oceano (Lantana) Finally made up to Lantana to try Pizzeria Oceano.  I had heard very good things about their pizza but braced myself for the usual letdown.  Wrong!! They are serving the best pizza in Florida bar none.  This could be some of the best pizza in the country.  I opted for their basic pizza which features housemade mozzarella, olive oil, pecorino romano, tomato sauce and basil. The sauce, cheese and dough were fantastic and the ratio was perfect.  The crust was nicely charred which sealed the deal on pizza perfection.
Worth the drive from Miami for sure.

Pizzeria Oceano on Urbanspoon



Mauro's (Downtown Hollywood)- Huge authentic NY style slices. Perfect dough, sauce and cheese ratio. Their sauce skews slightly to the sweet side.  The best NY style slice in South Florida.

Cafe la Buca

Cafe La Buca (Pompano)- NY style/thin crust hybrid. Fantastic tasting dough with a nice chew. The cheese and sauce is top notch and perfectly proportioned. Pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven imported from their hometown of Naples, Italy.  Five tables, daily changing verbal menu.  Get a small pie so you can try one of their fresh housemade pastas. Hidden gem and a must visit.

Cafe La Buca on Urbanspoon

Kings County Pizza (Aventura) They are serving authentic NY style pies including stellar sicilian and grandma pizza.  Sauce skews on the spice (basil/oregano) side.  On a side note, the wings and baked ziti are even better.


delivery guy from Harry's

Harry's Pizzeria (Miami) As you may recall, I hated my first baseline margherita pie I tried at Harry's.  But I knew that the margherita wasn't the play there plus I'm a Schwartz fan so I went back again and again and again and again....I enjoy Harry's more and more each visit.  The dough has improved and the creative and fresh toppings make for enjoyable pizzas. Great delivery guy to boot.

Harry's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

Macalusos Market (South Beach) - I'm a big fan of Macaluso's and was very happy when he opened the market next door. The Market features their legendary meatballs, heroes and pastas.  They also serve fantastic pizzas. Kill two birds with one stone and order the meatball pie. 

Macaluso's on Urbanspoon

Racks (Sunny Isles)- I must admit that I wasn't a huge fan off the bat but it was good enough early on to get me back and they have really won me over.  I don't think I was off early on. I think they have improved. Regardless, their pizza is another NY style/coal-fired hybrid. The dough is on the thin side but the overall flavor is all NY  thanks to the great sauce, gooey cheese and great tasting dough.

Racks Italian Kitchen + Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


Steve's (North Miami)- This is a place I really want to love but always falls just short for me.  It's very good but the sauce is just too sweet for me.  Good not great.

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Spris- (South Beach) An underrated spot over on Lincoln Road that features some interesting topping combinations. Always leave satisfied.

Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza (Multiple Locations) Anthony's seems to have a real love/hate following.  I'm on the love side of the fence but do find their pizza to be on the overly salty side and their toppings tend to over power the pizza. Regardless, they serve unique and tasty pies.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on Urbanspoon

Pizza Hut- ha-ha just making sure you're paying attention.

Alternative Pizza I like-

Michaels Genuine- (Design District) Love the breakfast pizza on the brunch menu.


Tuccis Pizza (Boca) Went in with very high expectations and left very disappointed.  I didn't care for their sauce and tit dominated the pie.  Not a bad pizza by any means but not tier worthy.

Tucci's Fire N Coal Pizza on Urbanspoon

Sicilian Oven (Aventura) Huge bust. Pizza was so bad we didn't even finish half of the pie.

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Tony's Pizza (Miami) Someone on Chowhound claimed this was the bets pizza in Miami.  Pedestrian at best. Under sauced with mediocre dough and cheese.

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Nicks New Haven (Boca)
Fresco Trattoria (South Beach) Milan import sounds promising.
Scuola Vecchia (Delray)
Forno 52  (Pinecrest)

Kitchenetta (Ft. Lauderdale)
Primo Pizza (Midtown)
Frankie's  (Miami)
Pucci's (South Beach)

Am I missing any standouts?


Anonymous said...

Primo's Midtown if you want a NY slice - they baste their pizza twice with garlic.

The Chowfather said...

Interesting. I may need to head down now...

Whack-a-mole said...

El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza, on Atlantic Shores, in Hallandale. What? El Tamarindo? Hallandale?
Yeah, I know. But it's great pizza, better eaten in than delivered.

The Chowfather said...

Whack a mole- I know it well and have enjoyed several good pies there. I like their non pizza items as well. They are a pizza sleeper for sure. Prob give them honorable mention

chadzilla said...

Got to make it out to Tucci's to see that tit dominating the pie. Not sure how that works, but must be worth the experience!
I have only been to a small fraction of the places you've been, but definitely agree with Tamarindo as a mention... also because you get complimentary kick-ass chimichurri to drizzle on your slice.
Thanks for the list!

The Chowfather said...

Zilla- that's hilarious and what happens when you don't proof read...I may need to leave that as is.

LAX2MIA said...

I'd heard about this place in Pinecrest. Have no first hand accounts. Heck don't even know if it's open. http://www.forno52.com/

Also under Busts I'd include Andiamo. That place has gone so downhill it's underground.

The Chowfather said...

Yes, I've heard about that place and need to check it out. Anyone been??

lenny said...

I totally agree with your selection of best pizza! Pizzeria oceano is hands down the best I have ever eaten. I put them above Bianco in Phoenix due to the innovative menu, which changes on the fly depending on what's fresh. But you are killing me posting this list. My wife and I drive down from Hobe Sound at least twice a month to dine there. It's already hard enough to get a table, this will make it harder!
Spot on!!

Craig Aden said...

Wow! Simply satisfied through knowing about pizza in south florida. Truly very awesome from all side. Thanks mate. :)

Anonymous said...

what about Nicks in Boca..clam pie is amazing...

Anonymous said...


The Chowfather said...

Anon- Nicks in Boca sounds great. Will have to get up there soon. Thanks for tip.

Lenny- Sorry but I had to spread the word. Too good not to...

Anonymous said...

the gorgonzola pizza at Rosinella's (brickell, not Lincoln) is worth trying!

2Top said...

I really like this guy.

The Chowfather said...

2Top, I need to check that place out. Maybe a Forno/Whisk double header...

Anonymous said...

Antonio's in Miramar on Miramar Pkwy and 68th. Been going there for over 20 years.

Henry said...

Black and white pizza from Timo is way better than anything from Harry's.

I can't stand the Michael's service in any of his places.

The Chowfather said...

Anon- I look forward to checking out Antonio's.

Henry- I was a bog fan of the black and white at Timo and paid a visit recently specifically for the pizza and it was not good. The entire meal was actually mediocre. Not sure if it was an off night or if we have a downhill alert...

Anonymous said...

Try Cannoli Kitchen in Boca, it's worth the drive. A true NY style slice, probably the best NY style I've had outside of NY.

Anonymous said...

Amicis in Deerfield Beach, on Hillsboro. Excellent ratio of cheese, sauce and crust. Reminds me of flavors from New Haven Pizzerias growing up.

Charlie Byrne said...

Please update Chowfather! Posts elsewhere would seem to indicate you've knocked off a few of your "Need to Try" places.


The Chowfather said...


VERY SOON. Wanted to hit Nick's again before updating. I have another one I want to try but may post before.

Unknown said...

Now that is what I call a pizza. The last time I saw one overflowing with toppings was on our Halloween catering bristol menu.

Jon G said...

I've eaten at almost all of your mentions they ate all just ok....I'm from NYC and the only place that is even close to those pies down here is Steve's. That Kings County place got me sick. I had a slice that must have been suturing out all day. Mauro's is only goods if you have a few beers at that bar next door before you eat the pizza. Steve's is always busy if a slice is sitting out for 15 min. it's a lot. The sauce is sweet and perfect the cheese is just right the dough thin the only way a real pizza should be if you have any toppings it's the only place that gives perfect amount. Steve's is by far the closest to a top notch New York pie.

The Chowfather said...

I hear you Jon and that's why this list is on the short side and includes all three counties. I would encourage you to go back and get a fresh pie from Kings County and Mauro's. A stale slice that is reheated isn't a fair way to Judge. Steve's is good but just misses the mark for me

Charlie Byrne said...

FYI, here's a nice little video taken at Nick's in Boca:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Talks about his pies and also some of the specialty items he tries to bring down from CT exclusively.

I don't know how any numbskull could possibly complain they did not get a "thin crust" pizza here. I suspect they had another agenda...

jon G said...

I went back to Kings County and it was better than the first time I went. Good news is I didn't get sick. The only problem I have is the sauce. It could be a little sweeter for my taste. That's why I like Steve's so much. Don't get me wrong if the sauce is a bit tarter I still like the pie and being from New York you get both kinds but I side to the sweeter sauce.

Evey Jackson said...

A restaurant worth visiting, I guess. I will always love pizzas and would even gladly travel miles and miles away just to try new flavors of it.