Monday, November 30, 2009

Satoro Restaurant and Lounge (Hollywood)

Satoro Resstaurant and Lounge recently opened on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Dixie Highway in downtown Hollywood.  As I watched the process unfold over the past few months I was concerned that this would be another wanna be late night party spot that just happened to serve food like other spots around town.  However, my skepticism started to diminish when I heard that they hired the former chef from Jackson's Steakhouse on Las Olas, Alexander Dziurzynski.  Maybe they were actually taking the food thing seriously..

Anyway, I recently ventured over for my first visit and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of food.  They feature a Mediterranean inspired menu including tapas along with some steak options.   Ordering the  $22.00 delmonico steak was a no-brainer given the chef's background and price tag.  Several other items sounded great, such as the fresh Florida clams with onions, garlic and chorizo, the oxtail soup with manchego cheese, patatas bravas , grilled jumbo shrimp and lamb meatballs from the tapas menu.

I was intrigued by the menu and opted to try an assortment of their offerings.  I went with the patatas bravas, grilled Jumbo shrimp, lamb meatballs and the delmonico steak.  The delmonico was great.  It was perfectly cut, seasoned right, tender and flavorful.  A really nice steak and just $22.00.  You will have a difficult time finding better value than that in the area.  Nice to see.

I started the meal with the grilled jumbo shrimp which were marinated in garlic and olive oil and served with a horseradish gazpacho.  No issues with the size and freshness of the shrimp but the accompanying gazpacho didn't really work for me. A good dish but not a knockout.   However, the lamb meatballs which were poached in a roasted garlic broth were delicious and something I would easily order again.  The patatas bravas were traditionally diced and topped with a pickled tomato salsa.  Both components of the dish worked  well and they were hard to stop eating.

If you are in the area, I would stop by Satoro.  It's a welcome addition to the improving dining scene in downtown Hollywood.  Hopefully, they will continue to make serving great food the priority and avoid falling into the cheesy lounge trap.

Satoro Restaurant & Lounge, Hollywood, FL - Satoro Restaurant & Lounge, restaurants, bars - Satoro Restaurant & Lounge, Hollywood, Florida

(954) 374-9687
2050 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020

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