Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bourbon Burger King

There is a new Burger King in town and it doesn't have a creepy mascot.   I finally tried Michael Mina's burger over at Bourbon Steak (Turnberry Isle-Aventura) and left VERY satisfied.  I'm a fan of the restaurant and it was very hard to bypass his outstanding menu offerings for a burger especially after noticing a pork belly dish.  That being said, the $14 price tag is a real bargain compared to the regular menu items and for the quality product they are serving. 

The burger menu is only offered in the lounge/bar area of the restaurant. (you can order form the full menu too and they also have a bar menu that contains a few small plate options like ahi tuna, lobster rolls and lobster corn dogs.  I can't recall the rest) The burger menu offers several signature burgers plus a build your own market burger option where you can select the burger (all-beef, lamb, turkey, salmon and falafel) artisan cheese, farmer's markets vegetables/greens and sauces/dressings.   I kept it simple and opted for the signature All-Beef which is a dry aged burger topped with melted farmhouse cheddar, shredded lettuce, balsamic onions and secret sauce.  I'll keep this short and sweet. The meat was perfectly seasoned, cooked and was SUPER tasty!!!  Everything worked including the bun which had  no problem supporting this large juicy burger. 

Throw in a couple of perfectly made Old Fashioneds and some duck fat fries and it was a perfect night.

This is South Florida's best burger.

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*I have not tried Burger & Beer Joint or the burger at Clarke's yet.


The Burger Beast said...

Wowsers, I need to try it.

SteveBM said...

It is an awesome burger. It is definitely an expensive one but worth it. Bourbon & Blues nite was fun when I went and you can beat 1/2 off bourbons....

LAX2MIA said...

Totally agree. Like B&B, but Bourbon is a notch above.

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