Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 NFL Suicide Pick Week 10

The Saints sure made last week interesting but a win is a win.. I hope no one got caught in that Green Bay trap.  This is why I am hesitant to take any team on the road.  Green Bay knocked out about 15% of my pool.

Things are going to start getting tough with Baltimore, Washington, Minnesota, Indy, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New England, San Diego and New Orleans off the board.  I was saving the Giants for later in the season but that looks like mistake right now.

Week 10 features a very strong play with Minnesota at home against the Lions.  We already exhausted Minny so this is not an option.  If you have them I would use them.

The Jets are coming off a bye and are at home against Jacksonville.  I expect the Jets to win this one but I don't have enough faith in them yet to roll with them this week.

Denver heads to Washington and should win this one because Washington is bad and getting worse.  That being said, Denver is coming off a Monday night game and on the road.  I'm passing and saving them for a home game.

New Orleans head to St Louis and should have no problem winning here.  If you are inclined to take a road team this is the one to take.

Miami returns home this week to face on fire Tampa Bay.  Tampa is riding a one game win streak.  I hope they enjoyed their week because the streak ends here.  They have a first year head coach who is over his head and they are starting a rookie QB.  Dolphins get healthy this week and crush the bucs.

Official pick   


SteveBM said...

Fins to the left, fins to the right? Is that some new thing the Doll Fans are doing? Lame. LOL

I like Arizona this week.

The Chowfather said...

Yes, they are all Buffet now. Sooo lame. I can't believe I'm actually going with the fins this week but Tampa is not good. I like Zona

Anonymous said...

Took Seattle las week and that was very scary as well; I still have Minnesota left, to you think that is the strongest play? I am thinking Miami should beat Tampa, but don't want to "save" Minnesota if this is there best week remaining,


SteveBM said...

Yes, MN is a no brainer. Take em if you can.

The Chowfather said...

An argument can be made for holding Minny but at this stage in the game I would roll with them if available.

The Chowfather said...

that wasn't fun....