Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 NFL Suicide Pick Week 11

Stayin Alive!!!! and I will leave it at that.   

Baltimore, Washington, Minnesota, Indy, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New England, San Diego, New Orleans and Miami are off the board.  Things are going to get even tougher now.  That said, there are a few good options this week.

Jacksonville returns home after stealing a win on the road against the Jets.  They face a Bills team that just fired their coach.  Jacksonville should win this one.

As you know, I don't like taking road teams but Pittsburgh should leave Kansas City with a W.  We already used them so it's a moot point.

New Orleans losing at Tampa would be a huge upset and I don't see it happening.  They are going to lose at some point though.  Not our problem since they are off the board.

Cincy heads to Oakland and should get to 8-2.  Road team on a long trip West so we will hold them for a home game.

I normally shy away from division rivalries but Washington is not good and I expect the Cowboys to win this one easily.

Official Pick 

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SteveBM said...

I liked Jax for a second, then I remembered my "New Coach Theory" and decided to stay away. Teams win for new coaches. Jax will likely win but Im not 100% confident. More like 95% haha.

Pitt will murder KC. That team sucks and now lost Dwayne Bowe for 4 weeks, an underachiever this year who also happens to be on my fantasy team... Good thing I dont need him. I might take Pitt.

Im staying away from NO vs TB. Division rivalry, at TB, with a rookie QB who hasnt looked that bad and a secondary that may be w/o Sharper again. If St. Louis could hang w/ NO for a bit, I gotta think TB will give em trouble.

Im loving Cincy but like you said, theyre on the road. Plus Benson is a GTD and they play the Browns @ home next week. There's your week 12 pick haha!

Washington is awful and though I dont think the Cowboys are much better (that GB game was painful to watch and lost me my fantasy matchup this week, causing me to lose to a guy who now has 3 wins, 2 being against my team thanks to freak weeks where his team went off), I think I might take Dallas too.

Pitt or Dallas for me.

SteveBM said...

I went with Pitt. Theyre gonna roll.

The Chowfather said...

I'd probably go with them too if I could.

SteveBM said...

UNBELIEVABLE... I have always hated the Steelers and now I hate them even more.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to have Minnesota left and so that was my week 11 pick. Many took the Bengals so now my pool is down to 7. My picks (in order) have been: NE, Wash, Balt, Ind, NYG, Pitt, GB, SD, Sea, NO, Minn.

Since I am out of 'solid' picks I am leaning toward taking Dallas over Oakland for week 12. It is either that or take Cincinatti over Cleveland but that leaves me without a good pick for next week. I am thinking that I will need Cincinatti next week against Detroit since the only other pick worth taking would be Chicago hosting StLouis...and I am not putting my pool life on Jay Cutler.

What do you guys think? I have to have my pick in by 5PM PST on Tuesday this week so get back to me soon if you can.

Anonymous said...

Definitely go with Dallas. My 2nd pick would be Philly home vs. Wash, but I'd rather pick Dallas if you have them.


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck between Atlanta and Cincinnati for this week. I feel pretty confident that they both will win. But, I never really feel safe going with Cincy. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I would rather Atlanta this week and Cincy next week. I did stumble on a very help site, that helps you see which teams have value later in the season vs. those that have no future value.

It is updated every Monday. Good luck!


Sol Kitchen said...

Cincy will be pissed about losing last week and should make mincemeat out of Cleveland. That said, Atlanta is also an attractive pick this week. I'd go with Cincy if you didnt already take GB or ATL.