Sunday, November 29, 2009

Islamorada 2009

Just got back from spending a great Thanksgiving down in Islamorada.  Enjoyed outstanding stone crabs and lobsters from the nearby Mr. Lobster (take home) for most meals but ventured out to a couple of local spots and had enjoyable meals.  If you are down that way I would recommend breakfast (not bunz) at Bob's Bunz, the tuna nachos and fresh fish sandwiches at Island Grill for lunch and doing dinner at the Hungry Tarpon. We stopped off at Hungry Tarpon for lunch on a prior trip home from Key West and really enjoyed their fresh fish sandwiches.  They have a new chef and started serving dinner about a year or so ago. Our Mahi and yellowtail snapper dishes were delicious.  If you are in the area, I would recommend trying all three spots plus grabbing stone crabs and lobsters at Mr. Lobster.

Island Grill
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Hungry Tarpon
Hungry Tarpon Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Bob's Bunz
Bob's Bunz on Urbanspoon

Islamorada Restaurant Hungry Tarpon

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