Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zagat's Fast Food Champs

Zagat revealed its Fast Food Champs today.

Best Burger- In-N-Out Burger (Haven't tried)
Best Fries- McDonald's (agree)
Best Breakfast Sandwich- McDonald's
Best Value- McDonald's
Most Child Friendly- McDonald's
Best Coffee- Starbucks followed by Dunkin D
#1 Food/Facilities (large)- Wendy's
Most Popular/Healthy(large)- Jared errr Subway
#1 Food/Facility/Popular (small)- Panera Bread
Top Food/Service(small)-In-N-Out Burger
Best Milkshake-Ben & Jerry's
Best Grilled Chicken- Chick-Fil-A
Best Fried Bird- KFC

1 comment:

The Burger Beast said...

I pretty much agree with everything on that except the mention of Subway which I happen to think is horrible. It does say "Most Popular/Healthy" so I guess that's true.