Monday, August 4, 2014

Best Pizza South Florida - Top Ten

Leaning Tower of Pizza

I'm a "Pizza Bagel" from New York who grew up eating a lot of great pizza and bagels on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I've only found one or two legit bagel places in South Florida so I've refrained from doing a dedicated bagel post. If you want a great bagel go to Sage Bagel in Hallandale Beach.

Enough with the bagels, this post is all about the great pizza you can find from Palm Beach to Miami. I've sampled a tremendous amount of great, good and awful pizza in the South Florida area over the years.

I Love Pizza and think you will enjoy these spots too.

Here are the Ten Best Spots for Pizza in South Florida.


Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (Multiple Locations) They started the coal fired craze in South Florida and still excel at it. They offer several great topping combinations and their wings are the best in town. 

Tip - several locations offer two for one craft beers on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Stanzione 87 (Miami) a fairly new spot in the downtown Miami area serving legit Neapolitan style pies.   

"Best pie in Miami" Chef Conor Hanlon, The Dutch Miami.


Spadini's  (Boca Raton) They serve a very legit NY Style pie/slice.  Dough, cheese and sauce all done right with an equally proper ratio.  My sauces on the street claim they serve an awesome upside down sicilian pie too.  Stay tuned.


Nick's Pizzeria & Bar (Boca Raton) Nick's specializes in New Haven style "a pizza." Pictured above is a classic white clam pie with garlic and bacon. It's a fantastic combination. All of their pies have a great char to them and are all excellent too. They recently opened a new location in Coral Springs.  


Scuola Vecchia Pizzeria (Delray Beach) The pizza chef trained at the critically acclaimed Keste Pizza e Vino on Bleeker Street in NYC. Pictured above is the classic Neapolitan pizza, the Regina Margherita. It features imported bufala mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil and basil.


Cafe La Buca (Pompano Beach) NY style/wood oven hybrid. Fantastic tasting dough with a nice chew. The cheese and sauce is top notch and perfectly proportioned. Pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven imported from their hometown of Naples, Italy. 

I highly recommend paying them a visit for their non pizza offerings as well.  It's a small five table spot with a daily changing verbal menu. So  get a small pie so you have room for some fresh housemade pastas. 

Hidden gem and a must visit.


Mauro's (Downtown Hollywood) Huge authentic NY style slices. Perfect dough, sauce and cheese ratio. Their sauce skews slightly on the sweet side. One of the best NY style slice in South Florida. Slices are always fresh.  

Tip - Grab a slice and head next door for some great beer at PRL


Kings County Pizza (Aventura) My long time followers already know how good the pizza is at Kings County.  Now you do too.  They serve a proper NY Style pie plus a fantastic sicilian and old world pie too. Their baked ziti, chicken parm and meatball heroes are all must gets.

Pro Tip - They do not get a lot of foot traffic because of the location so order a full pie in lieu of a slice that has most likely been sitting for a while.

Pizzeria Oceano (Lantana) Easily one of the best pizzas in South Florida and one of the best in the country too.  Pictured above is their basic pizza which features housemade mozzarella, olive oil, pecorino romano, tomato sauce and basil. The sauce, cheese and dough are all fantastic and the ratio is perfect. The crust has a nice char and tastes great. This is a perfect pizza and worth the drive from Miami for sure. Their non pizza offerings are excellent too. 

This is a special place. I wish I lived closer.


Lucali (South Beach) If you have been reading my blog posts and/or following me on Twitter, you already know that I have a huge pizza crush on Lucali. As someone who loves traditional NY style pizza as well as thin crusted wood oven pies, this is a knockout combination. You can read my original Five Star review here. In a nutshell, everything about this pizza is perfect from the addictive sauce to the fresh cheese to the tasty and chewy dough. Plus, the overall ratio is spot on.

I love Lucali.

Bonus Prize, the calzone at Lucali is even better than the pizza and one of the best overall dishes in Miami.

"The best calzone in the entire world" Chef Jose Mendin, Pubbelly.


Unknown said...

This is the most disappointing article I've ever read. Not because I don't agree with list but because my wife and I just moved to Memphis last week from Lake Worth. We were about 5 minutes from Pizzeria Oceana and NEVER went. I was very skeptical about the place because I'm extremely particular about my pizza. I'm a huge fan of authentic Neapolitan pizza and I'm sure I would have loved that place. Now if you can take a little trip to Memphis and scope out the pizza places for me I'll be happy.

Unknown said...

They forgot Pizza Time in Parkland/Coral Springs!