Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lutong Pinoy Filipino Cuisine (North Miami Beach) ***Updated***

Lutong Pinoy Filipino Cuisine is a new spot that opened a few weeks ago in North Miami Beach next door to the old Yakko-San location.  I'm a neophyte when it comes to Filipino food so I was looking forward to trying something new.  I popped in this morning to see when they were open and grab a menu since they have no presence online. No print menu either just a "standard" menu posted on a board along with a separate specials board that changes on a daily basis. Both menus are posted below.  It's a small place with counter service only at  this time.  They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am until 8pm.   

Being unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine, I did not recognize any of the dish names.  After doing some brief research my belly and palate were intrigued.  Of course this food fanatic had to go back for lunch.  Some of the dishes were already made and on display at the counter and others were made to order including the sizzling sisig.  I was pressed for time so I didn't have an opportunity to sample as many dishes as I normally would at a new spot. I opted for the bopis consisting of minced beef heart and lungs sautéed in chillies, onions and I assume tomatoes.  This was a delicious combination and something I wanted more of when I was done.  It is served with either steamed white rice or sinangag, Filipino garlic fried rice.

My numerous questions about the composition of each dish forced the counter person to go back into the kitchen three times. As a result, the chef  popped out and eagerly handed me a sample of his igado.  This was another tasty combination comprised of pork heart and stomach. 

I enjoyed my first visit so much that I want to go back now for more.  And I will for sure.

This is the standard menu.

The daily changing specials board.

The aforementioned delicious Bupis.

The tasty Igado.

Sinangag.Filipino garlic fried rice. 

 I've been back a couple of more times now and they continue to impress me with the quality and variety of dishes.  All of which are new to me.  I can't wait to go back for more. 
Crispy Pata- deep fried pork knuckle with an awesome crispy skin and super tender meat underneath.  It was served with a nice vinegary soy sauce to dip in. This was crazy good and a real pork treat.

Sizzling Sisig- Pig Head, cheeks, ears, snouts plus I think there was some liver too. Lots of textures here.  This was a bit aggressive even for me though.  I preferred the Bopis.

Pickled Papaya Salad was a pork palate savior.

Menudo.  Not like the Mexican Menduo tripe soup.  The Filipino version is a really tasty stew containing red hotdogs, pork liver, potatoes and carrots.

Pancit Guisado is a delicious dish of rice noodles, mixed vegetable, hard boiled eggs and shrimp. I spy some pork too.  Huge portion and highly recommended.

I've heard a lot about the famous Filipino shaved ice dessert, Halo-Halo. Lutong Pinoy's was a real treat and continued to get better as the ice melted.  Buried underneath were tasty treats including sweet beans and jellies. Dessert fans save room for this.

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17048 West Dixie Highway North Miami Beach, FL 33160


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the compliments. We're looking forward to see you again and try our other dishes.

-Lutong Pinoy Filipino Cuisine

Kenneth Jacobs said...

I was running around in the neighbor and stumbled upon this restaurant. I'm filipino myself so I haven't gone in to try it yet, but I cannot wait to go and get everything on the menu! Thanks for this awesome review!

Unknown said...

I can't be proud enough about this great venture as I have always been proud to be a Pinoy! Congratulations to the owners!