Friday, September 27, 2013

Cobaya Bachour @ St. Regis Bal Harbour 9.21.13


The latest Cobaya experiment could be dubbed "Cobaya Iron Chef" as this was Pastry Chef extraordinaire, Antonio "nitro coco" Bachour's third visit into the Cobaya Kitchentory not including the Hurricane Sandy Cobaya Charity Dinner last year at The Dutch. His first foray was at Cobaya Jeremiah Bullfrog followed by Cobaya J&G Grill. Forget that James Beard guy, the Cobaya Hall of Fame is calling his name.  

Cobaya Bachour was a departure from our normal dinners.  The plan, concocted by a secret scientist, the honorable Judge Hslaw, was to do an afternoon tea event as a change of pace. This plan played to the strength of Antonio's sweet skills. But Antonio wanted to push the envelope further by taking a walk on the dark savory side.  Pastry chef gone wild!!


Forty gourmet guinea pigs gathered in the lobby of the luxurious St. Regis in Bal Harbour at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. We were escorted into the Bar, Lounge and Wine Vault where Antonio's army  awaited.  Eye popping and jaw dropping pastries and sweet treats were on full display.  I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory holding that golden ticket.

As expected, Antonio with an assist from new hotel Executive Chef Tom Parlo served some satisfying sandwiches.

And of course, he dazzled us with a scintillating display of dynamite desserts.  As usual, his pastries pounced all over our palates.  His pastry passion was on full display and we got to enjoy his pastry parade.    

Big thanks to Antonio, Tom and the entire team at the St. Regis for a special afternoon.  And thanks to all of the "Guniea Pigs" for your continued Cobaya support. 

p.s. Don't forget to place your order for Antonio's new book.  Pre Order HERE.

The festivities started with the traditional sabering of champagne followed by flowing bubbles.

St. Regis new Executive Chef, Thomas Parlo providing Antonio with a savory hand.

The Golden Egg. Egg salad, cucumber gelee and a generous dollop of osetra caviar.

The Savory Tray of Tea Sandwiches.

A superb salmon macaron and a salmon eclair.

Lovely lobster roll.

Burrata with dried tomatoes and balsamic pearls.

"nicoise salad"

Curried chicken cornet.

Dr. Evil Bachour  "One million pastries"

The Pastry Parade Buffet.

Still going.

And going.

And going.

And going.

And going.





Cherry Tart.

Dulcey Macarons.


Caramelia, Apple Compote, Whipped Namelaka, Caramel.


Dessert of the day. Coconut Pineapple.

Red Velvet, Dulcey, Passion Fruit



THE BACHOUR MOBILE. kidding. I think.. 


Monica said...

We know Antonio and he's the Michelangelo of pastry! When will be his new book on store?

Antonio said...

thank you Monica!! the book will be out in November in December in the store, and pre-order now in Amazon to delivery in November.

thank you!