Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dylan's Candy Bar (Lincoln Road)

Dylan Lauren
Dylan Lauren
Dylan's Candy Bar has been a very popular candy store in New York City since opening in 2001.  They recently expanded to South Beach with their opening on Lincoln Road.  They carry a tremendous amount of candy including nostalgic and novelty items along with a ton of chocolate items. The South Beach store also carries dessert pizzas, ice creams, coffees and teas.


The owner, Dylan Lauren is the daughter of the legendary fashion designer, Ralph Lauren.  Thus, she knows a thing or two about art and fashion and also carries some candy related clothing and accessories items.

The Lincoln Road store is large and a fun place two spend some reliving your youth and satisfying your sweet tooth.  The Chowtwins, almost five years old were in heaven.  They loved finding little candy jars with their names on them and walking around the store enthusiastically filling them up.

The lolipop tree.

Traditional offereings.

Big League Chew!!!

M&M's for days.

Jelly Belly Bar.

View from second floor.

Dessert Pizzas!

801 Lincoln Road
Miami, FL 33139

Monday-Friday 11am - 12am
Saturday 11am - 1am
Sunday 11am - 11pm

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