Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best Restaurants Miami-"Tiers of Excellence"


This is the last rankings of 2012 and I decided to put some added pressure on myself by limiting the list to the best twenty restaurants in Miami plus ties. It should be noted that while food is the primary factor in my formula, value, service, ambiance and wine/beverage programs also play an important role.  Every restaurant ranked here is good to great and all are recommended by me.

Eat well and often!!

RIP- Red Light.

TIER ONE- The BEST of the BEST. Run don't walk to these spots for A++ meals.

TIER TWO- This is an outstanding tier of restaurants putting out great food on a daily basis and providing an overall great dining experience. 



The To Do Eat Tier - Khong River House (tier worthy meals) Oak Tavern, Machialina (outstanding), Momi Ramen (special place), George's Kitchen, The Hoxton, Essensia, Tikl, Haven, Katsuya, Il Gabbiano, Zuma, The Setai.

Coming soon - The Cypress Room, Catch, Broken Shaker Food with Jeremiah Bullfrog, Lure Fishbar & untitled project from Jamie DeRosa. 

THE CASUAL TIER- Counter service and/or on the casual side.

Kings County Pizza


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