Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stoney's Are Back

Welcome to Stone Crab Season.  If you are looking for great stone crabs I highly recommend stopping by Triar Seafood off of Dixie Highway in Hollywood.  I had their stone crabs several times last year and they never disappoint.  They are worth the trip.  They are only open Monday-Friday.  I would call ahead to confirm times.

Triar Seafood Company
2046 McKinley St. #7 (off dixie highway)
Hollywood Fl 33020

M-Th 7-7
F 7-noon
Phone (954) 921-1113 | (800) 741-3474 | Fax (954) 921-2388 |


For discriminating chefs

"These guys at Triar® Seafood are great. Not only are they connected to the best small dayboat catch fishermen, but they respond to every twist and turn of our business.
Great fresh fish from Florida waters and great service are an unbeatable combination."
Rick Bayless, Chef/owner
Frontera Grill/Topolobampo, Chicago

When I get a craving on Saturday I head over to Captain Mike's on  441 and Griffin in Hollywood. 

4191 N State Road 7
Hollywood, FL 33021-1510
(954) 967-1184

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