Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 NFL Suicide Picks Week 6

As we expected, the Eagles and Giants both won easily last week.  Our official pick was the Eagles so they are now off the board along with Baltimore, Washington, Minnesota and Indy.

Week six features some more one sided matchups.  Green Bay is coming off a bye and is at home against the Lions.  I gave Green Bay serious consideration for my official pick but I'm just not sold on Green Bay yet. This could be one of those games that knocks out a lot of people and I don't  want to be on board.

Pittsburgh has not played as well as everyone expected this year but they should dominate at home against the punchless Browns.  This should be a blowout and a possible shutout.

If you have already used Pitt and Green Bay, I would consider rolling the dice with the Jets at home against the Bills or New England at home against Tennessee.

Official pick is Pittsburgh      
Good luck

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SteveBM said...

NE vs TENN is a bad call. Im a Pats fan and their D is suspect against the run. They will likely win but Im not betting my survivor pick on it.

Jets/Bills? Cmon man! Divisional matchup. Even though the Bills are god awful I wouldnt touch that game, especially since Bills fans are now openly taunting their team by purchasing billboards to announce their feelings.

Also not sold on Pitt. They struggled against the Lions! That D is suspect w/o Polamalu and their O is nothing special. Yes, the Browns are awful but again we have a rivalry game here.

Im going w/ GB over DET. GB looked good in week 4, especially Rodgers, and now they are at home against a Lions team that will be w/o Stafford and C. Johnson. GB is the pick.