Friday, October 31, 2008

Survivor week 9

Well all of our suggestions came in as did our official Jets pick. Favre made it close though.
Is anyone out there still alive? For this reading this for the first time, in a survivor pool, all you have to do is pick one winner without the point spread each week. Winners move on. However, you can only use the same team one time. Lose and you are done.

Onto week 8. Jacksonville will smoke Cincinnati but it is a division rival and on the road so I will look for a better play. Tampa Bay should win easily at KC but I really want to avoid taking a road team. Chicago over Detroit could be the play despite the division rivalry. Detroit is not good. Giants will beat Dallas this week but we already used them. Denver over Miami may be the best play but I'm going to with Chicago as the official pick
Have fun

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