Monday, November 3, 2008

Ceviche Fans

I've been meaning to post about a great spot for ceviche. Goyo El Pollo is a small casual Peruvian restaurant located one block North of Hollywood Blvd. in Dowtown Hollywood. Their ceviche, I prefer the mixed seafood, is outstanding. I think you will have a difficult time finding better ceviche in South Florida. (In all fairness, I've never tried Francesco's in the Gables) They also specialize in rotisserie chicken.
I highly recommend this spot.

1920 Tyler St Hollywood FL

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Anonymous said...

I suggest trying El Rincon Del Chabuca on 71st and Collins on Miami Beach (the place has a red sign out front that just reads "Peruvian Seafood"). It gets my vote for best ceviche in South Florida although I haven't tried your suggestion yet.

The Chowfather said...

I will look for it next time I am in the area. That must be close to Prima Pasta, correct?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's closeby (around the corner along Collins.

Anonymous said...

goyo el pollo just opened an outpost on south beach on washington. solid ceviche. norkies is also excellent peruvian food on south beach. the chicken is top notch as well. i'll prob side with goyo for ceviche and norkies for chicken, but they're both great