Sunday, October 12, 2008

El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza (Hallandale) The Sequel

As promised, The Chowfather went back to El Tamarindo. This time my intent was to try some of the Salvadoran offerings. I opted for the Churrasco which is a 12 oz. grilled steak topped with chimichuri sauce. The take out menu list it at $11 but I think it was $13, not positive though. Their entrees include two side orders. Options are rice, beans, side salad, tostones, sweet plantains or baby green vegetables. I opted for the rice and beans. Their beans are red unlike the black beans seen at Cuban restaurants. The rice and beans were great. Rice was cooked perfectly and appeared to have some small veggies in it. The red beans were flavored perfectly and really tasty. Wish I had some now. The churrasco was also great. Grilled perfectly and seasoned well.
If you are in the area, I would give this place a chance. It is a casual place, do takeout and deliver.

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