Friday, October 17, 2008

Survivor week 7

Can someone please explain how Washington beats Dallas and Philly on the road and loses at home to the lowly rams? I guess that's the NFL for you. Nor sure if anyone out there is still alive, maybe you went with Minny or the Chargers. Regardless, I'll go ahead and post my best game for anyone who cares...

I expect Tenn to shut down KC and win easily but they are on the road so I would avoid unless you have no other home options.
Dallas at the Rams is another solid road option, if necessary. Monitor Romo's status, he may go after all.
The best option is the Giants as they return home after an ugly loss on Monday to face the 49ers. SF making the long trip with an early start. This should be an easy win. Go with them if you haven't used them yet.
I also really like TB at home against Seattle. Seattle has been awful when heading east.
Another strong home option is Houston yes Houston over Detroit.
Good luck

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