Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chef Collective - Paul Qui & Daniel Burns 7.25.17 at Pao

Chef Daniel Burns via Faena

As you are aware by now, I am a big fan of Chef Paul Qui and his restaurant Pao at the Faena Hotel.  Paul is a passionate and creative chef and when he is in town (Miami) he is always looking to create special experiences for his guests.  Thus, he started a Chef Collective series where he brings in his talented chef-friends from out of town as well as locally to collaborate on a one night tasting menu.  I've been to several of these and they are fantastic and interesting meals.  Trust me, you will not leave disappointed.

Up next is Chef Daniel Burns on July 25th at 7pm.   If you're not familiar with Daniel all you need to know is that he spent three years as pastry chef at Noma after spending time at The Fat Duck and St. John.  He subsequently opened the Momofuku Test Kitchen.  In 2013 he opened a seasonal tasting menu restaurant in Brooklyn called Luksus which became the first restaurant to earn a Michelin star without serving wine.  His dishes were only paired with beer.  Unfortunately, Luksus recently closed but his popular craft beer bar Tørst remains open.  

This Chef Collective should be a good one too.

Tickets are $95.00 and can be purchased via Tock HERE.

If you missed my recaps of Paul's killer Cobaya dinner followed by his omakase dinner two days later or his fantastic kaiseki dinner with Yoshi Okai from they are linked below.

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Pao by Paul Qui
3201 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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