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Recap of Paul Qui & Yoshi Okai's Killer Kaiseki Dinner at Pao 9.20.16

On September 20, 2016 chef Yoshi Okai, executive chef of Otoko in Austin, Texas took his talents to Miami Beach. Specifically, he created a terrific kaiseki dinner with Paul Qui at one of my favorite spots in town, Pao located at the Faena Hotel.

Yoshi was introduced to Paul at Uchi and Uchiko in Austin, where Okai served as head sushi chef for six years. After a stint as head chef at East Side King, Yoshi joined Paul at his namesake restaurant, Qui, in 2014. In 2015, Yoshi was named head chef at Otoko.

Yoshi & Paul in action

Otoko is a 12-seat Japanese restaurant owned and operated by Paul. The multi-course omakase experience at Otoko blends Tokyo-style sushi and Kyoto-style kaiseki into a unique tasting menu.

A traditional kaiseki experience progresses from appetizers (sakizuke, zensai) to steamed (mushimono), fried (agemono) and grilled (yakimono) courses and ends with a hot pot soup (shirumono), fresh fruit (mizumono), and dessert (kanmi).

Otoko in Miami was another special meal from Paul and his crew and a real treat. I would make an effort to attend Paul's future collaborative dinners.


Ankimo seared with sweet soy, bubu arare, shiso. 

Kurage - kyuri, fried shitake, basil, une sauce.

Uni - kyuri, smoked steelhead roe, ponzu.

Shiraae - hijiki, carrots, gobo, aburaage.

Anago - oshizushi with sansho pepper.

Close up of the that super sea urchin and smoked roe.


Blue Fin Tuna Tartare, daikon wrap, yuzu, mitsuba.


Masaba Sashimi - yuzu ponzu, ikura, daikon, shiso.


Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef, sakura no hana.


Shishamo - Black on Black!! Royal White Sturgeon Caviar (inside & out).

Surprise Course

Table Binchotan! Honey Miso Duck.


Kuro Goma Dofu - sumiso, shiso, bubu arare, fresh wasabi.


Tomato no Raisei Soup - zucchini, mitsuba, smoked shoyu, pinenut, black truffle oil, unripe avocado.

What's in the paper bag??

Kamisuki Nabe  

Hot Pot in Paper
Koshihikari rice, matsutake, white fish


Bite sized confections. Mochi, Cheesecake (pictured) and sorbet.

Pao Chef de Cuisine, Derek Salkin was also in the kitchen along with a fantastic  cameo from one of Miami's best chefs, Makoto Okuwa.

Pao by Paul Qui
Faena Hotel
3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Hours of Operation
Dinner Only
6:00pm – 11:00pm (Sunday – Thursday)
6:00pm – 12:00am (Friday & Saturday)

For Information
Phone +1 786 655 5600 / + 1 844 798 9712

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