Thursday, April 16, 2015

Top Burgers Miami 2015

It's Burger Week and I'm long overdue for an updated ranking.  I cut way back on my burger intake over the past year but the primary reason for the delay is that I didn't have any new burgers that cracked the list.  That changed recently thanks to three burgers.  One is a burger from the past that has recently resurfaced in Wynwood and Aventura Mall.

Bourbon Steak

I take these rankings very seriously.  The restaurants that made the list are sourcing quality meats and using great blends.  Let me make one thing very clear. My burger rankings are similar to my pizza rankings.  Forget the crazy toppings. I'm about the blend, seasoning, execution and bun.  That's it. Medium rare unless the chef suggests otherwise.

I decided to limit this list to Miami instead of including all of South Florida as usual.

There are 8,765 places serving burgers in Miami.  These are The Fifteen Best plus ties. 

Let's do this:

1. Shake Shack
2. Michael Mina 74
3. Bourbon Steak
4. Wolfgang's Steakhouse
5. The Cypress Room 
6. Proper Sausages  *also available retail*
7. gastroPod
8. Blue Collar
9. Houston's
10. Swine Southern
11. db Bistro Moderne 
12. The Dutch
13. Michael's Genuine  
14. Tongue & Cheek
15. Edge Steak & Bar
15. The Vagabond
15. Lokal/Kush
15. Pincho Factory

To Eat List - Lure, L'echon, BTW & Corsair.

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