Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bourbon Steak Update

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Yes, I went home for the holidays this year.  No, not to New York to see my parents and siblings but to my restaurant home, Bourbon Steak. I realized that I had inadvertently been neglecting my favorite restaurant in town for a while. But that joyfully came to an end on Christmas. I'm happy to report that they are still cranking on all cylinders. Service remains as good as it gets thanks to new General Manager Anibal Macias and his assistant Rafael Vazquez.  

Drinks also continue to excel thanks to a veteran group behind the bar that know how to make proper drinks. Plus they are stocked with an impressive lineup of bourbons and offer a table side whiskey presentation that I recommend trying.

The wine list continues to be one of the best in town because of its depth and diversity along with approachable price points plus several great by the glass options. The program is handled by sommelier Craig Teriaca.

Oh and Chef Gabriel Fenton continues to knock dishes out of the park. Way out of the park.  Will 2014 be the year he gets the much deserved James Beard Nomination? I certainly hope so.  

If you've never been to Bourbon Steak I would highly recommend paying them a visit. This is a first class operation serving some of the best food and drinks in town. If you haven't been back recently, do yourself a culinary favor and go.

Below are some pictures from my Christmas day meal.


View of the well stocked bar.  .


The perfect start to a Bourbon Steak meal. A barrel aged Vieux Carré and truffle popcorn.


The first dish out was a dynamite one. Gabe's version of a ceviche featured tender Nantucket Scallops paired with aji rocoto pepper, Okinawan wweet potatoes and avocado.  Really nice flavors popped out on this dish.


I've said it 100 times in the past and I'm going to say it again. Gabe is the foie man period. And his foie special on this visit was spectacular.  Here, Gabe seared the foie and added some texture via crushed pistachios and quinoa. It was plated on a roasted apple.


If you order a steak at Bourbon Steak you are guaranteed to be served a great piece of meat that was properly seasoned and properly cooked.  If you order a Wagyu rib cap you are guaranteed to be blown away.  I did and I was.  Tender, juicy and flavorful. It melted in my mouth.  You want this.  Trust me. 


Gabe takes his sides seriously and his Brussels Sprouts are no exception.  These were paired with piquillo peppers and spicy chorizo.


The table side whiskey tasting is a must do for whiskey fans.  I was fortunate to be there on a night when Angel's Envy was featured. The three I sampled were Angels Envy with mesquite wood, Angels Envy Rye with burnt orange rind and Angels Envy Cask Strength with charred vanilla.  All three were great and the subtle tweaks enhanced the spirit. 


Bourbon and rye flight paired with a burgundy and port.  yes, it was a good Christmas night.

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