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Black Brick Chinese (China Mid Town)


There is no doubt about it that I'm a big fan of chef turned certified sommelier turned chef/entrepreneur Richard Hales.  I couldn't get enough of Sakaya Kitchen when he opened.  I even perfected eating his addictive pork buns while driving on I-95. I lost a couple of ties along the way but it was well worth it.  Sakaya was actual a lifesaver and a very happy place for ChowP and I when we were struggling with  ChowBabyTwins.   

I also was a big fan of his popular food truck Dim Ssäm à gogo. His crispy duck sandwich is one of the best sandwiches things I've had in town. 

Richard was also in the kitchen for not one but two of our Cobaya Dinners.

So yes, I was really looking forward to his new venture Black Brick.  Black Brick is his new spot in China Mid Town serving his take on Northern Chinese food and dim sum.  If you follow Richard on twitter you may recall his tweets from his hunger inducing China adventure a couple of years ago.  He ate very well on that trip and he was inspired to bring the cuisine to Miami for all of us to enjoy.

Richard's a business man now too but nailing the authenticity of the food is very important to him. Thus, he has brought in some talented and extremely experienced Chinese chefs to assist him in achieving his vision. He has succeeded and I predict he will crush it.

He's open daily for lunch, dinner and even late night. He recently rolled out a weekend dim sum menu with some of those items available on the daily menu too.  

We may have to rename the area MidChinaTown.

Richard is a great guy, serving great food in a great new place. Go weed him out.

Here are some shots from my recent visits. In full disclosure, Richard hooked me up with an egg roll and fortune cookie...

View from the wok bar.

Bruce Lee and John Kunkel adorn the walls.

Tea service.

 The warm and spicy Chinese Roti Prata with Richard's secret spice is a great way to start.

My first solo meal.  Still full.

A proper Shrimp Egg Roll with Pumpkin Sweet and Sour Sauce.  I devoured the egg roll so fast I never tasted the sauce.

I recommend trying the huge bowl of Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup with Char Siu Pork, Shrimp Wonton and house-made Noodles. The broth had nice flavor and I really enjoyed the texture of the noodles as well as the tasty wonton and delicious pork. 

I had to sample something from the dim sum portion of the menu and the Cumin Lamb Dumplings were the call. I liked the size and texture of the dumpling and the real nice heat of the meat. 

As a Sakaya bao fan there was no way I was passing on Black Brick's spin via Char Siu Pork Lotus Bao.

Another hit that packs some punch is the Pork Char Siu Laobing Chinese Bing.

There is no doubt that the Numbing and Hot Chinese Spareribs with Cilantro will be flying out of the kitchen. And they did a very good job with the cocktail list. Pictured is a Boulevardier with a proper cube. 

This is a must get dish.  Maybe the pasta/noodle lover in me is a tad bias but the house-made bucatini was cooked perfectly and they have a really nice chew to them. The dish, Dandan Mian Berkshire Pork, Sesame Paste, Sichuan Pepper and crushed peanuts. 

The aforementioned Dandan Mian mixed.

Another must get dish is the Yeung Chow Duck Fried Rice featuring great Duroc Bacon, Lap Chung Sausage, Roast Duck and Egg. 

I'm still not sure what this is. 

Smacked Cucumbers are a nice change of pace for the palate. 

Spicy Dry Wok Green Beans are cooked right with nice subtle heat. 

Twice Cooked Kale in Chili Bean Paste is another solid vegetable option.  

The Chilled Poached Chicken Thighs Skin On with Spring Onion and Spicy Sichuanese Sauce is another standout dish.  The flavors are spot on and the thighs are a tender bite. 

 Three Treasures- Di San Xian Swank Farms Eggplant, Peppers and Potato. 

FIRE!!  As in a great dish and as in heat.  Gung Bao Rabbit- roasted fresh chili peanut, jalapeño Sichuan pepper. 

Almond cookie ice cream and Mrs Hales' Fortune Cookie are a great way to end a meal. 

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