Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mandolin (Miami Design District)


I must admit that I did not recall writing a short post about Mandolin in March of 2010 until I finished this one and went to link it to Urbanspoon.  However, I did not need to read that post to refresh my recollection. Thus, I left the current post unchanged below.  You can read my 2010 thoughts here.

Yes, this post is almost four years overdue, I know, I know.  But better late than never. Although I have strong opinions about food I can admit when I make a mistake. And failing to return to Mandolin for so long may be one of my biggest food mistakes to date.

I visited Mandolin a couple of times after they opened a few years ago.  At that time they had a very small interior area with some tables out back. I went for lunch on both occasions and while I recall the food being fine, it didn't blow me away enough to warrant repeat visits in the heat. 

Flash forward, this small spot has transformed into a charming destination- yes I described something as charming - with expanded seating inside and out.  The design and decor are attractive and inviting.  The outdoor courtyard is an ideal setting for Miami's great winter weather.

Mandolin is now a versatile spot perfectly suited for meals with your children, your parents, the entire family, friends or a first date.

My wife and I were blown away by the friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service. It's as good as it gets anywhere. 

The food is straight forward Greek and Turkish fare.  Everything I had during my two recent visits was fresh and flavorful. 

Bottom line, I was wrong for neglecting this place for so long. I will not make that mistake again.

Here are some of the dishes I enjoyed on my recent visits.


The tasty Turkish Sampler includes hummus, fava bean purée and tomato walnut dip. Thumbs up for the great fresh bread too.


The refreshing Pink Sultan which is a combination of shredded beats, Greek yogurt, garlic and fresh mint.


The Kopoglu was a dish I did not enjoy following an initial visit. I have no recollection of that dish but I really enjoyed it recently. It features eggplant, potato, zucchini and pepper topped with tomato garlic yogurt. 


The Shrimp Ouzo dish is an delicious combination of shrimp, tomato, feta and ouzo.This is a must get dish. 


I recalled that they served an outstanding octopus and they still do. Their marinated and grilled octopus is fresh, meaty and tender.


Grilled Butterfly Prawns with Paprika are a dish I could eat all day and every day.


Manti is a Wednesday only special consisting of mini hand wrapped dumplings filled with lamb. It's topped with Greek garlic yogurt, burnt butter and Turkish hot paprika.  This is not a dish for non garlic and paprika fans.


Turkish Tea Biscuit Dark Chocolate layer cake 


I'm not a big sweets fan but their Baklava is outstanding.


Turkish Coffee.

4312 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137
(305) 576-6066


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