Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Meals of 2013 8, 9 & 10

The Miami food scene continues to grow and I was fortunate to enjoy several outstanding meals in our own backyard this year.  From the delicious and fun Pop Up Series hosted by chef Michael Schwartz at Harry's Pizzeria, to some great collaborations along the way and to the "underground and experimental" dinners we throw with talented chefs over at Cobaya Miami.

I must admit that doing this was not easy as each were great in their own way. As with my normal "tiers" these rankings take all facets of the meal into consideration. Food is the primary component but phenomenal wine or simply a great time can bolster the ranking.

Big thanks to all of the chefs, kitchen crews, managers, sommeliers, bartenders, servers and support staff for making 2013 another happy year for my belly!!


15 & 14
13, 12 & 11

Brad, a bearded fellow & Conor

10. Spring Equinox Dinner with Conor Hanlon. Brad Kilgore, Joshua Gripper and one killer bird at The Dutch Miami.  My original recap is here.


9. Trufflepalooza with Andrew Carmellini, Conor Hanlon, Joshua Gripper and a ton of white truffles at The Dutch Miami. Original recap is here.


8. Cobaya Makoto with chef Makoto Okuwa and unreal monkish, blowfish and Kobe shabu shabu.  Original recap here.

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