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Pink Collar Cobaya for the Cure 10.30.13



Chef Danny Serfer + Blue Collar + National Breast Cancer Awareness Month + Susan Komen + Cobaya =  Pink Collar Cobaya for a Cause. AND a fantastic meal for forty charitable and generous diners. 

The paragraph that Danny wrote and placed on the bottom of each menu says it all. 

This was a very special evening for chef Serfer and it was for a great cause.  Danny's generosity was impressive.  He not only donated 100% of the proceeds to Susan Komen , he sourced some of the most luxurious ingredients around in order to make sure the generous donors had a special meal. He also closed the restaurant for the night.

Additional props to his staff who generously donated their time for the cause. Guests were also treated to a special cameo appearance from Allegra Angelo who is one of the best sommeliers in town. She's no stranger to the Cobaya Kitchen as this was her third time pairing and pouring for the guinea pigs.

Following the dinner I had an opportunity to put Danny on the hot seat and grill him on things we all wanted to know.

Thirty One Questions with Chef Serfer.


1. Talk about the importance of doing the Pink Collar Cobaya Dinner

I wanted to do something to give back to the community that has been so generous to me. This makes sense because it is something that has affected me personally. I lost my mom at a young age to this so if I could do anything to prevent that from happening to another young person. Also its not uber so it means something.

2. How did you feel cooking that night?

Grateful that I had the opportunity.

3. Your Mom looks down during the Pink Collar Dinner, what does she say to you?

Only beer and wine, No vodka?

4. Her dish of the night would have been?

Prime Rib, though she would have preferred it rare.

5. Where were you born and raised?

Jacaranda til 10 then Aventura.

6. Favorite restaurant growing up?

Newport Pub, Twice baked potatoes, wedge salad, and prime rib all day, brandy sticks for dessert.

7. Something about cooking that you appreciate now that you didn't when you started?

What it take to be an owner. Cooking is the smallest part of it. Its all about leadership, patience, and mentoring.

8. Something you do that annoys your staff?


9. Culinary hero?

Thomas Keller

10. Favorite cook book?

Marcella Hazans Fundamentals of Italian.

11. Chef Allen walks into the collar what are you sending out to impress him?

Latke Pizza with Sausage.

12. Burger or Pizza?


13. Favorite Movie?

On the record Fast Times at Ridgemenot High, Off record, Gone With The Wind.

14. You're at the movies, what are you eating?

Popcorn doused with Buncha Crunch, Frozen Coke.

15. Red Vines or Twizzlers?

If drinking a soda, twizzlers so I may use as a straw too, if not the vines.

16. My script is done and Blue Collar the Movie is casting who plays you?

Jonah Hill.

17. Who plays Josh (his good friend from Josh's Deli)?

Bill Hader.

18. Favorite TV show?

The League.

19. Favorite strip club during your bachelor days and why?

Secrets, They Never tell.

20. Favorite beverage?

Cherry Coke with crushed ice.

21. Favorite fast food spot?

Chic Fil A

22. Favorite dish at Waffle House?

Egg sausage cheese sandwich exrtra pickles.

23. Tweezers in the kitchen, yay or nay?

Not for me, I like to cook real food that hits the table piping hot.

24. Collab dinner with a chef not named Josh, who?

Joe Dobias of Joe and Missed Doe in NYC.

25. Dish you wish you didn't put on the menu and why?

Shit on a shingle, the name would scare people.

26. A table of four you'd love to see walk into the Collar?

Dan Marino, Mark Clayton and Duper, Don Shula. Childhood heroes.

27. What are you serving them?

Deboned chicken wings stuffed with Serrano and provolone, doused in pomegranate blue cheese sauce, CAST IRON cooked dry age porterhouses with onion rings, chocolate cake.

28. Last meal, what are you eating?

Mazesoba from Yakko San

29. Favorite dish to cook at home?

Spaghetti n Meatballs.

30. True or False, Speak and Spell was your favorite toy?

Wahsts, thst?

31. What happened to the picture of you holding the cock on the website and why were you holding one?

That was a picture where I was thin to impress the ladies, now that i'm married no more need.

 Kumamoto Oysters

Porcini Mushroom Croquettes

Both starters were paired with a nice Santa Julia Brut Rosé NV

Caviar x2
Scrambled Eggs 'n' Toast and Yukon Gold Blinis. Both featuring dynamite Kaluga Caviar. Paired nicely with a Paul Blanck Rosenberg Riesling Alsace 2009

Close up of the Kaluga.

Stone Crab Roll
Mini P-Muff, Pink Pepper, Shallot, Drawn Butter, Old Bay Fried Potato Chips.  Great dish and paired with 
Terrapin Rye Ale.

Game of Truffles!!!

White Alba Truffle
Acquarello Risotto, Saffron, Aged Pecorino
Paired with Allan Scott New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Shave your own truffles was a great idea and elevated this dish to another level.

Chilled Maine Lobster
Jicama, Mango, Watercress, French Lemon Vinegar.  Loved every bite of this dish.  Paired with
Evesham Wood Pinot Noir 2012

Roasted Prime Rib of Beef
Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Potato Rosti, Jus
Terrebrune Bandol Rouge 2008
Perfect prime rib and fantastic foie.

Fried Cookies and Soda
Oreos, Newman Ginger-O's
Dr. Better Soda

Hidden Rose Apples

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and generosity. 

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