Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beer School @ Riverside Market

The Riverside Market Beer Academy Session Two Begins August 13th 

Do you know the difference between a stout and a porter? A lager and an ale? If not, do yourself a favor, hop on the craft beer bandwagon and join the Riverside Market Beer Academy. With Craft beer more popular than ever, Julian Siegel, Riverside Market owner and beer enthusiast, wants to share his knowledge with others to make beer as enjoyable as possible.

After much success with the inaugural session of Beer Academy, Riverside Market has decided the learning must go on. It will once again be a six-week course focusing on all things beer. Each week for one hour students will be educated on a new beer related topic from local and national cicerones, home brewers and master brewers all while sampling some of the 500+ beer selection Riverside has to offer. Featured hosts include award winning home brewer Eric Guerro from Angry Union Brewing, Evan Benn beer columnist for Esquire Magazine, Adam Fine, President of Native Brewing and Brett Hubbard, Host of By the Glass.
Covering everything from Craft Beer 101 to Home Brewing in just six weeks, the course is perfect for beginners or experts.

Week 1 Craft Beer 101- A beginners guide to everything you need to know about craft beer.
Week 2 IPA/Pale Ale- Focus on India Pale Ale and Pale Ale and the distinction between the two.
Week 3 Stouts/Porters- The difference between Stouts and Porters is a common debate between beer enthusiasts. Get all of your questions answered by a beer expert while sampling some of the best Stout and Porter brews.
Week 4 Lager/Ale- An in depth discussion of two of the most basic beer categories.
Week 5 Home Brewing- Not as simple as one may think, we will cover everything from what ingredients you need to brew your own beer to how long the process takes.
Week 6 Graduation- Don't worry there is no test to graduate but you will leave with an official Riverside Beer Academy certificate.
Riverside Market is owned by husband and wife team Julian & Lisa Siegel and located at 608 SW 12th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. A purveyor of over 550 craft beers, as well as, a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, the market opened in 2010 and has continued to gain local recognition ever since. Riverside Market has established itself as a true "locals" spot for the historic Sailboat Bend and Riverside Park neighborhoods, as well as, a premier provider of craft beer in South Florida--specializing in limited batch and hard to find brands. Riverside Market is open 7 days a week from 8am until the last patron leaves.

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