Monday, December 28, 2009

Tin Roof Rusted aka Tarks (Dania)

Clam shack, seafood shack, not sure exactly what it should be called but it's definitely a shack and I love it so I'm going with love shack.  In all seriousness, I suspect Tarks is a love it or hate it type of place.  They have a solid local following and its also the first and last stop for many touristas flying in and out of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale International. (rentals/luggage is a dead give away)  But it's certainly not for everyone and I understand where the naysayers are coming from.   It's on the "divey" side and calling it dirty may be somewhat justifiable. 
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Tarks is a small place with counter service only and probably 20 to 25 seats. (okay there are a couple of tables outside but no service)  The staff is an interesting and entertaining cast of characters and their banter always puts a smile on my face.  It's a diverse crowd, ranging from cougars sporting their rocks and bling bling to blue collar workers escaping the sweltering South Florida heat. The beer is inexpensive and always cold.  The food always hits the spot for me.

 Tarks specializes in clams, oysters, seafood and wings.  (raw, steamed and fried).  My favorites include the gator tail, clam chowder, conch salad, dolphin sandwich, raw oysters, steamed clams, fried clam bellies, and shrimp grilled w/ BBQ or garlic sauce (not like the traditional New Orleans BBQ shrimp but a tasty alternative) Their wings garner rave reviews but they are breaded and on the heavy side and not my thing.  They have reasonably priced daily specials plus a kids menu.

If you are a fan of clam shacks, seafood shacks or love shacks, I would check out Tarks.  

Their motto is "Eat clams live longer, eats oysters love longer"  My wife hopes they're half right....

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The Originators Since 1966!
Eat Clams...Live Longer!!! Eat Oysters...Love Longer!

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