Friday, December 4, 2009

Borojo (Hollywood) *** UPDATED

I'm a hot dog fan but never tried a Colombian dog until today.  I found a new place on Hollywood Blvd. in downtown Hollywood called Borojo.  They recently opened and feature two Colombian hot dogs, one is chorizo and several "gourmet" arepa options including shrimp, pork, beef and chicken.  They also have 13 or so appetizers including fried hot dogs, mini empanadas, chorizo with mini arepas and sliders.  They also have Colombian style hamburgers which I am unfamiliar with as well.

The space is clean, modern, casual and has a large flat screen tv plus wi-fi.  They are open for lunch and dinner and I think they are open late night as well.  Everything is under $8.50.

I opted for the Chori Perro (Chori-dog) which is a smoked sausage (yeah you guessed right chori is short for chorizo) with mozzarella, potato chips and bacon.  mmmmm.  This was a large dog with a nice bun that was able to stand up to the intriguing combo.  The chorizo was fresh and grilled nicely. The chorizo itself had a mild spicy flavor.   The bacon and crushed potato chips added nice flavor/texture.  The dog also came with a combo of five sauces a/k/a condiments that included ketchup, mustard, mayo (generally not a fan of) and pineapple.  I was a bit concerned about the sauce combo but it worked.  They all blended in nicely to form a tasty combo.  I wouldn't have known there was mayo or pineapple on the dog if they didn't tell me.

I really enjoyed my dog and looking forward to going back to try the super perro (hot dog and not a sausage), the burger plus some of the arepas. Not sure about the fried hot dogs though. I have visions of corn dogs with bright colored meat...

I'm curious about those gourmet arepas.  This place has potential.  I'll report back after I try some more items.

**** as promised I returned to try the not so "gourmet" arepas.  Round two I sampled the pork loin with the traditional Colombian sauce, hogado.  The hogado sauce was salsa-esque and overpowering.  Didn't love the pork or the arepa either.  I also sampled the tenderloin arepa which was served with mozzarella and a bechamel sauce.  The tenderloin was fine but the sauce didn't work for me nor did the arepa.  WE finished ONE of the three sliders....  I stand by my chorizo-dog recommendation but unfortunately can't recommend Borojo for anything else.  I apologize for the premature recommendation.  

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1940 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, FL 33020-4524
(954) 367-5999

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