Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 NFL Suicide Pick Week 13

I really thought we were toast last week but the A.T.L came through for us.

Baltimore, Washington, Minnesota, Indy, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New England, San Diego, New Orleans, Miami ,Dallas and Atlanta are off the board.

If you have Pittsburgh available now is the time to use them  They are home against the Raiders and this should be a 2+ TD win.  Not an option for us.

New Orleans travels to Washington this week and are a big favorite.  They looked great on Monday night but this could be a trap.  Big win, short week due for a loss... not our problem.

Cincinnati is home against Detroit.  Detroit didn't impress on turkey day and I doubt they will this week on the road.  Cincy should prevail.

Chicago faces the Rams at home.  This is very tempting but I'm not sure I trust Cutler and Co. enough to go with them. 

Official pick- drum roll please.......

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SteveBM said...

I like Cincy and need their D and Benson to roll this week for fantasy purposes.