Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL Suicide Pool Picks 2009

Back by popular demand.. well that's a stretch but I did receive an email requesting my week 1 pick. I wasn't going to post them this year but the season is here and it's Sunday so here we go.
I will post my picks as long as I survive since you should be following my picks and we will win or go down together.

If you haven't entered a Suicide Pool* aka Last Man Standing, Elimination, Survivor, all you have to do is pick one winner each week (point spreads are irrelevant). Win and you move on but you can only select the same team one time. Sounds easy-NOT.

Week 1 and 2 are always difficult weeks. This year there are a few strong plays.

The New Orleans Saints are at home against the Detroit Lions and are the largest favorite this week. The Saints should win this one but Detroit is starting a new QB and the Saints RB (Thomas) is banged up. Strong play but I'm staying away.

The Baltimore Ravens are a 10.5 point favorite at home against Kansas City. KC has a new head coach and a weak team. Baltimore lost their defensive coordinator to the J-E-T-S but that won't matter. Baltimore D is too much for KC. Baltimore rolls.

Seattle is home against the Rams. I like Seattle this year especially at home. I don't expect St. Louis to be very good this year but their defense should improve under new coach Spags and they have S Jax. This game received strong consideration since we may not have a better opportunity to use Seattle the rest of the way.

Dallas travels to Tampa Bay and I don't think the Bucs are going to be very good plus they have a new HC, coaching his first NFL game (Raheem M). Dallas should win this one easily BUT I never take a road team so pass.

New England faces Buffalo at home on Monday night. They can't lose this game, right?? It's a division rival though plus NE will have some strong plays during the year so I'm holding them.

I'm going with Baltimore. KC was bad last year and I see no signs of improvement despite obtaining Cassel. Baltimore is a playoff caliber team with too much on D to lose this game at home.

*-for entertainment purposes only of course.

I'm a huge fantasy sports dork so if you have any lineup questions shoot me an email.

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Anonymous said...

Can you post your picks on Thursday afternoon?

The Chowfather said...

Yes. They will be up early in the week.

SteveBM said...

I took Nawlins. Im in a stupid suicide pool where you have to pick a different team every week but you can pick the same team more than once, just not consecutively. Takes forever for people to get knocked out but its an industry thing that about 100 participate in at $20 a pop.

In my big $$$ FF league, I debated early Sunday morning on whether to bench Brandon Marshall for Cedric Benson. I kept Marshall. It was an 8 point swing. Lost by one fucking point to a horrible team that happens to have Brees. My team is good so I'll rebound next week.

nhl pool picks said...

One of the new gambling rages on the NFL is the suicide pool. Some of these pools get ridiculously large and can have jackpots well into the tens of thousands of dollars.