Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 NFL Suicide Picks Week 3

Washington sure made that interesting last week. Glad we don't have to deal with them again this year. I'm sure a lot of people in your respective pools were knocked out thanks to Green Bay. I voiced some concerns over that game because Cincy was hard to get a read on.

Week 3 looks like a difficult week especially since we used Baltimore in week 1. Mangenius and the Browns are awful and Baltimore should win easily. If you still have them it looks like the best play.

My aggressive play of the week is Houston at home against Jacksonville. Jacksonville's offense will not be able to put enough points on the board to win this one. Hard to rely on Houston though.

Tampa Bay is not good and first year Coach Morris will have his hand full with Eli and crew. Giants win this one but it's hard to take road team this early.

I expect Dallas to bounce back against Carolina on Monday night but I don't trust Romo enough and Barber may be out.

Minnesota faces San Fran in their home opener. I expect San Fran to be competitive all year but I think Minny's run defense is too strong and should contain Gore. San Fran's passing game is not strong enough. Petersen and Favre prevail.

The Eagles would be my pick this week if McNabb was playing. Kolb's starting so I will hold the Eagles for a later date.

Giants are tempting but the official pick is Minnesota.


SteveBM said...

I dont like the SF pick. Minnesota SHOULD win but this seems like a trap game to me. I like the Giants this week. TB sucks. They are awful, really. Whether on the road or not, NYG will win, however there are 2 games I like more this week so Im saving the G-men. Baltimore will beat Cleveland at home. Cleveland is worse than TB. Another winner is Philly at home versus KC. KC is another god awful team. I doesnt matter if I am QB for Philly, theyre winning. Their D has been tearing it up this year (except for NO game but thats expected). KC's D is awful and their offense aint much better.

Its a toss up between Philly and Baltimore that I need to marinate on more before I make my final pick. Im leaning towards Baltimore though.

Anonymous said...

I am with you, Blind Mind, it was between Baltimore and Philly for me too. I chose Baltimore for two reasons:

1. They are at home against the browns and even though I try to stay away from divisional matchups the Browns are really that bad; and

2. I may want to pick Philly in week 5 at home against Tampa or week 6 on the road at Oakland (I know it's a road game but as long as JaMarcus is the QB for Oakland, Philly will win). I can't see picking Baltimore until week 8 at home against Denver and Chicago hosts Cleveland that same week.

The pool I am in dropped from 51 after week one to 27 after week 2.

BTW Chowfather, I strongly considered the Houston pick but I am not confident enough in them yet either. Very tempting at first glance though.

SteveBM said...

I took Baltimore and watched them destroy Cleveland. God that team is bad.

You are so effing lucky Chowfather!! Friggin Favre gave the game away with a costly pick only to have Greg Lewis make the biggest catch of his life to get the win. I think Berman and Jackson want to date Favre btw...

The Chowfather said...

What a win. I thought the game was over and switched to another game. I noticed online that they had the ball again and turned the game on just before that catch. You need games/luck like that to win one of these.. Giants/Cincy on the road this week? Houston at home? Colts? stay tuned