Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 NFL Suicide Picks Week 4

That was easy!!!!!!! For those just joining us, all you have to do is pick a winner each week but can only use a team one time.  If your team loses you are out.  Thus far, we have used Baltimore, Washington and Minnesota.
Week 4 provides us with some nice options.
The Giants are 3-0 and heading to KC.  The Giants are very good again this year and KC is  not.  I like the Giants again this week but it is their third consecutive road game so we will hold off on making them the official pick this week.

I fully expect San Fran to bounce back at home this week against the Rams. Gore is out but Coffey has looked good and I was impressed with the play of QB Hill last week.  Their defense is legit and should hold the Rams in check.  I seriously considered using this one as my official pick as well.

Peyton and the Colts are 3-0 and head home to face Seattle.  I liked Seattle's playoff potential at the start of the season but they are banged up and making the tough trip east for a 1pm kick off. Looks like Hasselback will be out again this week.  Regardless, Peyton will take advantage of the depleted secondary and go to 4-0.

I like all three games but the official pick is Indy.
Good luck


SteveBM said...

I took the Giants this week. I liked the other games you mentioned too but I wasnt ready to put my balls on the line with SF and Seattle's D aint bad even though they will likely be picked apart by Manning & Co.

Biggest dilemma I have this week is my my fantasy football QB. I have Romo and Eli. Romo on the road at Denver, one of the top D's in the league so far but they also had a cupcake schedule. Eli at KC and KC just plain sucks. Right now Im goin with Eli cuz Romo has sucked ass the past 2 weeks.

The Chowfather said...

I go with Eli for sure.

Anonymous said...

I picked Indy. It was between Indy and the G-Men so I took the team playing at home and saved the Giants in case I want to use at home next week against the JaMarcus Raiders.