Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Broward Spice" Starts 10/1/09

Dine Out Lauderdale, Broward's version of Miami Spice starts October 1 and runs through November 12, 2009. Participating restaurants offer three course meals for $35.00.

My recommendations based on initial review of menus.

CAFE MAXX (Pompano) is actually offering a four course meal and sounds like a real winner. Menu is available Sunday to Thursday.

(choice of one)

Tempura Shrimp
sesame-panko crust with red cabbage slaw and miso mustard

Beef Tenderloin Tartare
grilled Portobello mushrooms, caper, basil, crostini and herb aioli

Grilled Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla
blueberry chipotle BBQ, roasted corn & tomato watercress salsa

Classic Café Maxx Caesar Salad
garlic croutons, Reggianno parmesan, extra virgin olive oil

(choice of one)

Chopped Mediterranean Salad
mozzarella, red and yellow tomatoes, olives, red onion, cucumber,
feta & parmesan cheeses in balsamic vinaigrette

Braised Beef Bolognese
sausage, Verrazano tomatoes, basil, garlic and lasagnette pasta ribbons

Duck and Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli
sundried tomato and basil brown butter

Asian Seared Tuna
Udon noodle and vegetable slaw, ginger, wasabi and citrus ponzu

(choice of one)

Petite Three Peppercorn Filet Mignon
over au gratin with blue cheese butter,
seasonal vegetables and red wine sauce

Double Lamb Chops
goat cheese & sundried tomato crumb, rosemary natural sauce,
roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables

Sweet Onion Crusted Snapper
Madeira butter, scallion mash and gaufrette potatoes

Jumbo Shrimp Scampi
fettuccini pasta, fresh tomatoes, garlic, herbs and button mushrooms

Breast of Chicken Milanese
with three cheese risotto, garlic broccollini and tomato-basil coulis

(choice of one)

Vanilla Crème Brulee Spoons
with cookies and strawberry

Apple Tart
with cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce

Bread Pudding
with Anglaise and berry sauces

Trio of Ice Cream or Sorbet
in an almond lace cup

Cheese Cake
with mosaic of fruit sauces

3030 OCEAN'S menu changes daily.
Call (954) 765-3129 for the
Chefs Selection of the Day


Anjou Pear Salad
greens, spicy pecans, maytag blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette


Glazed Wahoo
baby bok choy, savoy cabbage, mushrooms, corn, sweet soy broth


Chilled Coconut Lychee Soup
summer berry's, cantaloupe sorbet

LOLAS ON HARRISON'S (Hollywood) menu features some of their signature dishes. (Sun-Friday) Don't miss the beef short ribs.

(choice of one)

Salmon Tartar
hand cut Chilean salmon, sesame-lemon vinaigrette,
cassava crackers, red topiko caviar, black sesame seeds, jalapeno chili oil

"Falling off the Bone" Beef Shortrib
roasted aromatic vegetables, orange-horseradish gremolata,
natural pan juices, topped with ricotta salata

Caesar Salad
crisp romaine hearts, parmesan twists, shaved reggianito,
white anchovy, "classic" lemony Caesar dressing

(choice of one)

Pan Roasted Turkey Tenderloin
caramelized brussels sprouts, creamy polenta,
pomegranate-sundried cherry gravy

Skillet Seared Salmon
organic wheatberry salad with roasted pistachio nuts,
black currants, drizzled with a cucumber-mint vinaigrette
and topped with fried shallots

Coca Cola BBQ Beef Ribs
slow roasted center cut beef ribs basted with Coca Cola BBQ sauce,
buttermilk onion rings, creamed yellow corn

(choice of one)

Warm "Rogue Chocolate Stout" Cake
chocolate stout frosting & chocolate sauce

"Classic" Carrot Cake
cream cheese frosting

JOHNNY V'S (Las Olas) joins the fun this year. (Sun-Thu)

(choice of one)

Warm Wild Mushroom, Spinach and Frisee Salad
goat cheese, fresh grapes, toasted pumpkin seeds
and herb grape vinaigrette

Smokey Salmon Cake
dill cream cheese sauce, crispy bagel

Sherrie Lobster Bisque
shrimp flavored croutons

Baby Green Salad
jicama, tomato, avocado, red onion,
pickled corn relish, chipotle lime vinaigrette, tortilla garnish

(choice of one)

Sautéed Swordfish Medallions
pasnip~potato puree, succotash, lemon chili vinaigrette

Seared Duck Breast
dirty brown rice with duck sausage, choice of one sauce:
honey almond, fresh orange or bing cherry, spaghetti squash

Grilled New York Strip
veal marrow butter, truffle spinach twice baked potato
cauliflower florets with 4 year aged cheddar

Grilled Free Range Chicken Breast
topped with manchego cheese and
Jamon Serrano, green pea risotto, saffron chicken broth

(choice of one)

Caramelized Banana and Butterscotch Crème Brulee
sugar cinnamon plantains

Assortment of Sorbets, Almond Tuile

Dark Chocolate Terrine
port poached pears, pistachio whipped cream

Brownie Duo, White Chocolate and Fudge Brownies
Nutella and strawberry ice creams and chocolate sauce

You can sample "Top Chef" Carlos Fernandez's food at HI-LIFE CAFE (Ft. Lauderdale)


Southern Scallops
pecan & corn crusted bay scallops baked in a casserole

Shrimp Pil-Pil
jumbo shrimp in a spicy Spanish preparation

Eggplant Parmigiana
topped with melted Black Wheel Parmesan cheese

(choose one)

Hawaiian Butterfish
crusted in cashew & coconut, sautéed and served
over a mélange of fingerling potatoes, grape tomatoes,
cilantro, scallions & ginger with a mildly spiced red curry sauce

Braised Short Ribs
boneless short ribs braised for 12 hours
in a red zinfandel reduction, served over mashed potatoes
with honey/lavender baby carrots

Southwestern Bolognese
spicy Bolognese made with ground Filet & NY Strip steak
over angel hair pasta with Parmesan cheese

(choose one)

Orange & Coconut Chess Pie

Real Key West Key Lime Pie

"Naked" (Flourless) Chocolate Cake

China Grill's menu is not posted but they always offer a very generous menu.
I have not been to Bova Prime but they have a ribeye on their menu.


BrowardNET said...

I would definitely agree about 3030 Ocean. I posted this event on my news blog at, but I got to try 3030 Ocean the other night at a Hard Rock event and they were fab!

johnmlinn said...

Hey Chowfather,

I just checked out your recs and I pretty much agree with you to a T! My thoughts here:


The Chowfather said...

John, we almost went 5 for 5...I haven't been to Le Bistro. but interested t hear how it is post Ramsey.