Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Survivor Week 10

Congrats if you are still alive in your survivor pool. Shoot me an email and/or a comment if you are.

Week 8 was a tough one BUT our official pick, the Bears, came through.
Week 9 looks problematic for The Chowfather because the best plays are division rivalries which I always recommend avoiding. I fully expect New England to beat the Bills at home this week. Division rival so we pass. I also expect the Jets to beat the Rams BUT the Jets were our pick in week 7. All season we have recommended taking the east coast team at home v a west coast team, especially if it is a 1p.m. spot. This has worked well all year. Seattle travels to Miami this week and all signs point to a Miami win. That said, The Chowfather has a hard time recommending the Fins in a survivor pool. Carolina will beat Oakland for sure but they are on the road so we pass. Patience is a virtue and you may be rewarded by waiting until Monday night and going with the Cardinals at home against the pants dropping Niners. Division rival on Monday night so we can't officially recommend.
Sooo what's the official pick?? If the Jets are available I would go with them. We already used them so my official pick is MIAMI

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