Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sonny's Famous Steak Hogies (Hollywood)

I've posted about Sonny's before here and on Chowhound but wanted to remind cheese steak fans and people searching for good value to check this place out.

They are located on N. 66th Ave., just north of Taft St. in west Hollywood, not far from the Hard Rock.

It's a casual, inexpensive place that serves OUTSTANDING steak hogies. (that's how they spell hogie) I'm from NY and not Philly BUT I've had plenty of cheese steaks and Sonny's is the real deal.

I always order a #90 with provolone. This is a steak hogie with fried onions. The steak is a tender, thinly sliced rib eye that's cooked perfectly with the onions and cheese. The best part may actually be the bread which is baked on site and done right. The inside is soft and chewy and the outside is perfectly crisp. Cost is $5.15 plus an additional .50 for the cheese.

You can smell them from the parking lot and you can watch them cook while you wait for a table or to go order.

I highly recommend this place.

**CASH only and closed Sundays**
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apwmel said...

The Philly Steak Sub Shop has the Subs. Hands down. I've been to the real Philly shops and this is as close as it's gets. But, I'll try this spot one day.

The Chowfather said...

I'm not familiar with that spot but will google it... Thanks.