Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Duck Duck Goose Deux! by Cher Jeremiah 5.28.17 @ The Anderson

Duck Duck Goose is a culinary festival by Chef Jeremiah featuring Miami's top chefs each of which will be tasked with preparing locally raised and pastured fowl. 
DDG is an all-inclusive food and cocktail celebration of everything winged and delicious, with lots of live fire cooking over embers.

Sun, May 28, 2017
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

Tickets $52-$75 and available HERE


709 Northeast 79th Street 
Miami, FL 33138
Line - up 2017
Brad Kilgore, Alter 
Scott Anderson, Elements Princeton NJ
Nina Compton & Levi Raines Compere Lapin New Orleans
Aaron Brooks, Four Seasons Miami
Jeremiah Bullfrog, P.I.G
Rickie Nakano, IDK concepts San Fransisco
James Strine, Grato
Steve Santana, Taquiza
Brian Mullins, Ms Cheezious
Josh Gripper, The Dutch
Roel Alcudia, Mandolin
Cake, Cake Thai
Melissa Sosa, Zak the Baker Deli
Niven Patel, Ghee
Will Crandall, Flying Solo
Scott Linquist, Olla
Babe Froman, Fine Sausages
Jimmy Lebron, 27 restaurant and bar

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