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Best Pizza South Florida 2017

Wow! It's been well over a year since I've updated my Best Pizza in South Florida list.  That's primarily because I didn't find any new spots that were worthy of making the list until a couple of months ago thanks to the arrival of two out of state spots.   Plus, I cut way back on my pizza intake. Same for burgers which is why that list has not been updated as well.

The time has come so let's get to it.

First time readers, I love pizza.  I love sauce, I love cheese and I love a great dough. Put all three together in the proper ratio and we have a winner.

My rankings are primarily based on standard cheese pies. Quality and flavor of the dough, cheese, sauce & crust are more important than toppings for me. But they can certainly enhance a pie.

I've only included places that specialize in pizza for this list.  Thus, Proof Pizza who recently eliminated the pizza from its name is not in contention despite their great pies.  It's a great restaurant so go enjoy the rest of the menu and order a pie on the side.  Also eliminated is a great little Italian spot in Pompano Beach, Cafe la Buca.  Great spot with great pies.

I've also removed the #2 ranked spot on my last list, Ironside Pizza because the chef left as did the original pizza maker (he's opening a new spot on Espanola Way).  And I haven't been back to see if they have maintained their status so I can't in good faith include them as well.

As most of you know by now, one of my favorite spots in town for a NY style pie including fantastic Sicilian and Grandma pies along with a legit chicken parm hero has closed.  RIP Kings County Pizza.    You have been missed.

Also dropping from the list is Spadinis in Boca which closed and re-opened in a new location and I had a bad slice on my only visit.  Need to get back up there to see what they are up to.

To Eat - Hearing good things from a couple new spots that I need to check out.  Pizza Tropical (Wynwood) and 'O Munaciello (MiMo).  There is also a new place out of Brooklyn in North Miami Beach (iPic/Yakko-San shopping center) Campania.

 *** update  La LeGGenda from  Giovanni Gagliard (Formerly at the aforementioned Ironside Pizza and ranked #2 on my last list is now open on Espanola Way) and I suspect they will fly up the rankings.



LUCALI (South Beach)    

There is Lucali and then there is the rest.  I could eat their pizza all day and all night.  Owner/Pizza Maker Mark Iacono nails every aspect of the pie for me and delivers the perfect pie.  As I've been telling you form day one, don't skip the calzone and the sauce.  The pizza, calzone and overall vibe make this one of the best pizza spots restaurants in town.


Coffee Paolo - san marzano sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, honey, coffee & spicy salami

MISTER 01 (Formerly Visa 01 recent name change thanks to Visa hope they only take Amex and MasterCard) (South beach & Brickell) 

Mister is the biggest riser on the list.  I love this place more and more with each visit and pie.  Mister  and Lucali have separated from the pack.  Full disclosure, I laughed when I saw the Star Shaped pizza on the menu (pictured above, duh) But I saw one come out of the oven and it looked great so I pulled the trigger.  That is a fantastic pie.  The San Marzano sauce, mozzarella and spicy salami are excellent and the stars stuffed with ricotta cheese are the perfect pairing.


Red Smoke - guanciale, homemade mozzarella, red onion & basil

STANZIONE 87 (brickell)

A true Neapoliton spot in the heart of Miami.  Franco Stanzione is Verace Pizza Napoletana certified. A designation given by the Naples based Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. To be VPN-certified, a pizzeria has to make its pies with only certain types of ingredients, use only approved equipment and adhere to traditional pizza-making methods.  These methods include oven temperature, cooking time and size and shape of the pie.  Oh and he makes really great pies... New pies are frequently added so go hungry and often.


SCUOLA VECCHIA (delray beach)

This is another authentic Neapolitan spot that is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.  I've unfortunately only been here a couple of times because of the location.  But I've attempted to go on several occasions when in the area but they've been closed for various reasons.  I'm looking forward to paying a visit soon


MAURO'S (Downtown Hollywood)

The best NY style slice around.


PAULIE GEE'S (upper eastside miami)

This pizza lover couldn't wait for the arrival of Brooklyn Legend, Paulie Gee's and his Dellboy (pictured above) did not disappoint.  Fresh mozzarella, italian tomatoes, berkshire hot soppressata, parmigiano reggiano.  Add Mike's hot honey and you have the Hellboy which is calling my name.  I need to get back in crush that menu.  Arrow is pointing up on this newcomer.



Four pies in one visit, no lie. I couldn't stop eating Giovanni Di Palma's flavorful pies. Antico has a huge following and great reputation in Atlanta. They opened recently in the old David's spot on Collins Avenue in South Beach. Pictured above is the must get San Gennaro with salsiccia, dolce picante peppers, bufala and cipolline. Do it.

BACCANO (wynwood)

I never hear much about this spot but they are serving solid pies in Wynwood.


NICK'S NEW HAVEN (multiple locations)   

You want the white clam pie with bacon. You're welcome.

There are a lot of copy cats out there but none are as consistently as good as Anthony's pies.  Their wings are the best in town.


Two words. Michael Schwartz....

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