Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Michy-lin Stars for Cena by Michy

                                     Cena by Michy

The last  two meals I've had in a restaurant were the two best non Cobaya meals of the year. And both went down at Cena by Michy.  No surprise coming from Miami's best chef, Michelle Bernstein.  Cena opened a few months ago in the revamped Michy's space on Biscayne Blvd.  I had the bittersweet fortune of closing Michy's down on her last night but embarrassingly failed to dine at Cena until recently.  Major fumble on my part. I'm happy to report that Cena, like her predecessor, is one of the best overall restaurants in town. It's the kind of spot that you will want to frequent often.

Cena's chef de cusine is Mike Mayta who previously worked at Michy's.  His wife, Kelly Vasquez is the pastry chef.  The front of the house is in the great hands of  David Martinez.  Service and the wine/beverage program all excel.

I've enjoyed chef Bernstein's food dating back to her days at The Strand, Azul and Tantra too.  Sra. Martinez was a great spot and Michy's will go down as one of Miami's best. Her food is always executed properly and her flavor combinations always excite the palate. And her dishes are never boring.

Part of the transition and renovation included the addition of a six seat kitchen bar.  And that's where you want to be on Wednesday nights in November.  On those nights, Michy-San is throwing down omakase style.  No menu, no substitutions, no BS.  Six seats at 7 and 6 at 9:30.  $75.00 plus tax and tip gets you a ten course treat at the hands of a James Beard Award winning chef.  OmaMichy (I prefer MichyKase) is a must do.  I hope their restaurant within a restaurant concept continues. Great food is a happy place for me and it doesn't get any better than being fed omakase style by Sra, Martinez.

GO and enjoy.

Highlights from both meals are below:

OMAMICHY  a/ka MICHYKASE - No menu for the night so I hope I get the descriptions almost right.

Text from Resy

A nice and light start to the night.  Celery Root, fennel, fresh pears and truffles. 

Bernstein and a Burgundy was the perfect play.

Chawanmushi topped with stone crabs and mustard sauce.

Super shishito peppers stuffed with shrimp mousse, ginger and soy.

The maestro in action at the kitchen bar.

Probably my favorite dish of the night. BBQ Eel and "grits", Carolina rice, aged cheddar topped with seaweed.

Homemade (really) Gnudi with braised swiss chard.

Perfectly executed and delicious yellowtail and bok choy.

Another dish of the night contender.  Crispy sweetbreads, refried beans, queso fresco, and homemade tortillas.

Quail and foie gras pot pie.  Yes you read that right. Quail and foie gras pot pie. Game over.

A refreshing and tasty dessert from the pastry crew.Passion fruit mousse, lulu snow, cranberry coulis.

Not pictured is a chocolate cremoso that ended the night.

Some highlights from the regular menu:

Seared Foie Gras, peanut butter hoe cake, concord jam. A must get for foie fans.

Taco of the year - Sweetbreads, salsa verde, huitlacoche cream, pickled cabbage.

A must get dish - Stracciatella custard, heirloom tomato salad, basil, fried green tomatoes. 

Vegetable dish of the year -  Cauliflower steak, pickled garlic aioli, macrons, raisins, capers.

Roast carrots, whipped Sardinian ricotta, dukkah.

Brandy doused trumpet mushrooms, gremolata.

Porcini gnocchi, shimeji mushrooms, mushroom demi, taleggio.

Lots of great bottles on their list but hard to beat this one from Saint-Joseph.

CENA by Michy is located at 6927 Biscayne Boulevard in the MiMo District.
Dinner is served TuesdaySunday at 6PM.

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