Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twitter Killed the Blog Star... the Buggles 2011

I'd love to blame the fact that I've been too busy with my day job and family for the lack of reviews recently.  Unfortunately, they are not entirely the blame.  You see, Twitter has killed the blog.  Why sit down and spend time blogging when you can say what you need to say (great, that John Mayer song is going to be stuck in my head all day now) in a succinct and instantaneous manner.  

The irony is that I'm antisocial, refuse to go anywhere near Facebook yet LOVE Twitter.  Go figure...

To make up for the lack of recent reviews I've decided to post my unedited food and wine related tweets thus far for 2011.

In case you only read the blog and don't follow on Twitter or just missed em....


12/31- Wait, buzzer beater.., here comes the UNI @.

1/1- bar set very high when your first bite of 2011 just past midnight is uni @. will be hard to beat

1/4- I'd rec @ RT @ Ok Miami foodies where to take the wife for fabulous B-Day Dinner with great wine list? Suggestions

1/4- @ blog The Office "Delray spot hyped for their burger. Tasted sour, pass" Kelly's Landing (downhill alert) Flip Burger (ehh, skip it)

1/4- @ check out Goyo el Pollo & Petit Prince (Hollywood) and El Tamarindo (Hallandale)

1/6- Winner winner Crispy pig head special @

1/7- @ any tickets left for the best of the best stale diet bash?

1/8- @ @ I'd love to see someone in Miami do a molecular/cutting edge dim sum brunch with a latin twist.

1/8- On a solo NY style pizza crawl. @ original Mario the Baker on Dixie. Just Ok. Looks right but has no taste next stop steve's

1/8- Slice @ Steve's (north Miami) still very good for Miami pizza but not as good as Mauro's in Hollywood

1/8- Slice @ Pizza Roma (Aventura) almost gets it right but not enough sauce to rise above mediocrity. taste too much of the dough for me

1/10- mmmm Sysco to table

1/12- Cobaya Chow Down was a winner. Great meal and great time. Big thanks to Josh and team @ & @ 2.

1/13- Carmelo Anthony is going to be a Knick when it is all said and done. Watch (OK not food related BUT I called it early)

1/15- Circus w/ chowtwins, then stocking up on food from @ for two great NFL playoff games

1/15- The Naughty Wok Star could be a hit show on Food Network or Cinemax.. we can sell "scantily-clad woks" too @

1/18- Truck Fest @ Scum Bags trial RT @ Short_Order: Miami's Gourmet Food Truck Ass Staffed Accused Child Molester

1/18- @ Chapultepec in Hallandale serves authentic Mexican too. Interesting looking place

1/20- Just made reservation @ Chef Mickey's. Oyyyyyyyyyy

1/23- Awesome @ cameo by chef @ with crab dip & crawfish bread

1/25- who the heck thought they were actually eating 100% beef at Taco Bell???

1/26- Great burger @ Rok Brgr

1/26- Must be the swimsuit issue RT @ I forgot to mention, thanks for asking me to be a part of the March issue @

1/26- I wish you were packing for Dallas.. GREAT season RT@ Man I really wish I was in Hawaii right now....

1/26- Breaking News- the @ Pizza Bagel Truck featuring Snookie lox pie, Dr. Brown's soda & Negroni's is almost ready for launch

1/29- "Classic Brooklyn" pizza @ Racks (NMB) good but almost entire menu is overpriced pizza included

1/30- How can water club be out of Mahi fingers & the seafood salad on Sun at 2? Prob lucky for us...

1/30- Wow took over hour to get any food and half groups food didn't arrive. Waiter asks US what was missing @ water club.

1/30- Caribbean seafood chowder with no seafood and lobster spring rolls with no lobster YUM!! @

1/30- I just looked in kitchen to see if Gordon Ramsey was here filming an episode of kitchen nightmares @

2/1- @ mentiond a food truck & ate a burgerThe end RT @ Busy day some1 summrze evrythng intrstng tht happnd onTwitter 2day?

2/3- Good opp 4 Miami Brgr fans RT @ @ Menu for 2night @ 81st & Biscyne is a good rep of their food

2/4- Rok Brgr is slammed right now

2/5- A pork bun crawl would be easy to do with @ @ & @

2/5- Getting ready for new Sat. workout- walking from truck #1 to #20 @ Whistle Stop Food Truck Rodeo

2/6- Eat your heart out @ great burgers from @

2/7- @ @ I didnt try the tacos but really liked the shrimp remoulade & crispy capers roll @

2/8- To BTTR or not to BTTR that is the question

2/9- @ check out Rok Brgr in Ft. Lauderdale. Better burger than Heavy Burger

2/9- Expected to hate @ burgerFi after taking 30mins 2 order &15 to get burger & was knowingly short changed But the burger was good

2/10- Winner winner- Thin cut beef short ribs @

2/12- Surprisingly tasty sauce & cheese on the pizza off the kids menu @ nordstrom cafe (aventura)

2/13- A+ dinner @ db Bistro Moderne escargots persillade & tasting of lamb also tasted ChowP's lobster salad & duck confit both winners too

2/14- Yep, Sysco to booth RT @ Is there another way to say farm-to-table? I feel that phrase is over used.

2/14- Nice takeout @ not a fan of busy rolls but enjoyed white dragon-spicy tuna, shrimp tempura & avocado topped w/spicy scallops

2/14- Rainbow cookies from Lorenzo's (NMB) still the best

2/15- Taste of @

2/15- @ you're close to @ for a burger for dinner

2/15- I ate a salad & liked it!!! @ enjoyed beets/cheese in 50 mile salad & the Italian sausage

2/15- I wish food trucks were really mobile and drove around your neighborhood like old school ice cream trucks

2/16 Very good fresh pasta from Casa Mia in North Miami (near Bagel Bar)

2/16- First visit to a cool/hidden wine shop/cave in FLL, Wine Watch. Drinking a fantastic 2008 Evening Land 7 Springs Pinot Noir (Oregon)

2/16- @ yes I was pleasantly surprised. Can only vouch for the housemade garganelli & tagliatelle,think owner was from Da Vinci

2/17- @ @ @ i rank em 1 Sage. 2 bagel cove 3 bagel company/ bagel bar. 4 moe's

2/17- Tripe fans, head to @ for the special

2/17- Great meal w/@ @ Loved the tripe, habenero pickled Cauliflower & szechuan Brussel sprouts,clams in bkbean sauce good too

2/20- Josh, any razors today? @ RT @ Anywhere I can eat razor clams in Miami?

2/20- @ any tripe left?

2/22- couldn't resist RT @ gadgets on the brain just found one we didn't even know we needed. Meet the Clam Ram:

2/23- decent+ first slice @ (near courthouse in Fll) cheese and sauce were legit dough was too thin &crispy for traditional

2/23- that's a loss for us RT @ Shutterwire:Pizza Volante

2/23- Captain tuna roll @ Sushi Deli

2/23- who the hell is paula dean and why is she on my tv screen??

2/24- disappointed w/ 1st roast beef w/ mutz & gravy hero @ John's Hero King (hdale) anyone been 2 the orig in Bensonhurst?

2/25- good luck to locals in Best of the Best & @ @ @ @ @ @

2/25- Battera and Marie roll + sweet shrimp & uni @ sushi deli

2/25- you're kidding, right? RT @ Guy Fieri is at Bubble Q. What a fun guy.

2/25- RT @ Discovered a wonderful amuse douche upon my arrival at Bubbleq

2/26- Good breakfast at Jet Runway Cafe (FLL) & kids loved seeing all the planes but the service was awful

2/26- Bar area at Cecconi's very cool and cocktails great

2/26- ChowP's burrata very good. My tagliatelle with lamb ok @ Cecconi's

2/26-My veal cheek @ Cecconi's was inedible.

2/26- Art Smith just walked in to Cecconi's feel like telling him to RUN

2/27- For the non night owls- my veal cheek @ Cecconi's last night was 1 of the worst things I've ever tried 2eat More like Jackass w nasty

2/27-But the food/sushi served by @ at the @ after party @ was solid

2/27- Great brunch @ green eggs and ham pizza & wet fries

2/27- champagne fans, just popped a winner, 2002 Guy Charlemagne Mesnillesime Grand Cru, Les Mesnil

2/28- Mcinnis leaving? RT @ A new brunch menu and the rumor of other changes at Gigi.

3/2- SLS Hotel Miami Expansion Plans Include Iconic sbe Brands via @

3/3- Q&A with the owner of an underground dining group. They're way fun.

3/3- @ @ pork trotters!!!!!!!

3/4- Great show, can't wait RT @ Anthony Bourdain Joins Writing Team on HBO's Treme


djkmia said...

I love it that Glee made it to the post!

Anonymous said...

"The irony is that I'm antisocial, refuse to go anywhere near Facebook yet LOVE Twitter. Go figure..."

This shouldn't be surprising, Facebook is the social graph and Twitter is the interest graph. In other words you don't have to look at/listen to those who don't care about food.