Monday, March 21, 2011

The Chowfather turns 3!!!

Wow, its been exactly three years since I unexpectedly gave birth to The Chowfather (blog).  The name, actually goes back farther than that via my numerous posts over the years on Chowhound.   Well, three years later and I'm still not sure what possessed the very private me to start a blog.  That said, I am very passionate about food and enjoy supporting the many great restaurants and chefs in the area. The restaurants and chefs that are working hard and turning out solid food deserve credit and recognition.  Hopefully, The Chowfather has been able to spread the word and steer people to the worthy spots in the community.  I also hope that I have been able to save you from spending your hard earned money on subpar places. Again, I'm not looking to be a critic. I'm just a food fan-atic who really enjoys searching for and eating great food and passing my finds on to you.

I set out to remain anonymous for various reasons including privacy.  I've tried to remain undercover but that became increasingly difficult following the start of Cobaya | Gourmet Guinea Pigs

Anyway, since I am a big sports fan my intention was to post my weekly rankings of restaurants and mix in dishes that I liked and would recommend from each spot.  I didn't stick to the format but did post updated rankings along the way as well as my "Tiers of Burgers" and "Tiers of Excellence" which were essentially rankings grouped in tiers since it was easier than trying to differentiate between the number 4 and 5 restaurant  on the list.  I think the Tiers work better and I will post an updated Tier after the Eater/Chowfather March Madness Madness is over. You can vote for that over at Eater Miami.  Link is below.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Top Restaurants

Current Rankings

1. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
favorites- crispy hominey, crispy beef cheek, Pork Shoulder, crispy sweet and spicy pork belly, chargrilled octopus, pulled pork sandwich (lunch menu), potato chips and French onion dip.

2. Michy's
favorites- bibb lettuce salad, truffled polenta, any gnocchi.

3. Sardinia
favorites-fregola con polipo (Sardinian couscous with baby octopus), broccoli rabe, brussel sprouts, roasted beets, Salumi plate, various pastas..

4. Yakko-San
favorites- crispy bok choy, hamachi kama (sooo good), yellowtail sashimi, grilled pork belly, kimchee buta, Udon noodles w/chicken/veggies, it's all good!!!

The Food Bitch
Conception of a Guinea Pig Met Frodesor and SteveBM shortly after that post and the rest is history.
3.  Chowfather Medium Rare getting grilled by South Florida Food & Wine
4.  Boyston Oyster Party  just an insane eating display of outstanding food


Rick said...

Happy, happy!


SteveBM said...

Congrats, dude!

The Chowfather said...

Thanks guys. And big thanks to SFDB for the exposure. You picked me up on day two I think..

Paula said...

Happy blogoversary! ;)