Friday, March 25, 2011

Excited - Sad/15 Minutes = Bullshit

The following was a very frustrating and disappointing turn of events that occurred last Sunday. I was ready to go at noon and hit the buy button the instant it came up.  As you can see, I was initially successful but it was stripped from me 15 minutes later via another email.  I can appreciate that glitches occur but I still dispute that I was not in the top 5.  No worries, I've been practicing all week...


Dear xxx,
Thank you so much for shopping with Gilt City. Please find your order information below. A detailed summary of your order is also available at
Your 1500° at Eden Roc certificate with redemption instructions will be emailed to the email address on file shortly.

1500° at Eden Roc
$25 for $150 Worth of Cuisine -
$150 of credit to be used at 1500° at Eden Roc.

100% of proceeds will be donated to Share Our Strength. 

There are only 5 units available for this sale. Limit one per member. Offer must be redeemed by June 20, 2011.

We Apologize 
Due to an inventory error we were unable to fulfill the following order.

Please note we have not charged your credit card for this item.
You have been credited an additional $25 to use towards your next purchase on our site. 
We apologize for this inconvenience and aim to serve you better next time you shop.

Hi xxx,

Thank you for contacting Gilt City.

We can totally understand your frustration - your order was actually in the first 10 orders placed, and there were only milliseconds between each of those orders. Unfortunately, as thousands of members were all on purchasing at the same time, it was not a matter of who got to the sale first, but just luck-of-the-draw as to whose system accepted the order.

Gilt City Support



SteveBM said...

You prob got denied because they noticed you had already won one for Meat Market and gave it to someone else instead.

The Chowfather said...

That's what I initially thought as well which would have been cool if they said you could only buy once. But a couple additional people voiced similar complaints on twitter so I think there was a legit glitch. It's for charity so they should just given the other 5 people the deal and paid for it. I know I would have spent much more than the $125.00 on food and wine. I'm sure people may not feel my pain on this one but it's about the principal and integrity of that site. They screwed me again today. I was was able to buy and submit order and then I received a "service error" message. Not sold out, no wait list, a freakin service error. This rants over.