Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lunch & Happy Hour @ Red Light

Updated menu

redlight little river

Happy Easter-Passover Week! soup: s / lg

spring pea soup & truffle cheese bread. 6/11

shrimp & crawfish bisque. 7/12


morbier, asparagus, bacon & organic egg

skillet. 11

oyster pie on cash green spinach. 8

soufflé shrimp stuffed Chayote squash. 10

citrus steamed mussels and lemon aioli. 8/15

Fl. tomato salad, hot house cucs. basil

greens & chevre stuffed olives. 7

bbq Shrimp & dip bread. 9/17

grilled white stripe eggplant, arugula & feta. 8

crispy duck confit mullberry –pink lentil salad

& back of the kitchen pâtè . 12

grilled minute steak (filet mignon) earth

mushrooms & onions. (w/choice of side) 24

kris’s Hand rubbed, river smoked ribs & apple

slaw. (5rib / 10rib) 10/18

U.S. organic beef burger, caramelized onions,

sharp cheddar & house potatoes. 9

This Ocean:

Mahi creole & Sabal market basmati rice. 16

grilled Fl. Pompano three orange glaze,

steamed boc choy, fennel potato hash. 18

pan fried Snapper, rosemary calabazza, and

salt cod-cream-steam spinach. 17

sides 4

wessel mac & cheese cucumber quinoa

steamed green veg & butter blue cheese grits.

Join us for our low tide lunch tue - fri. 12-3pm

& our high tide happy hour: thur & fri. 4-7

written and directed by: Kris Wessel

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